Hobie Shop :: A Note From Mark Christy on the Importance of Thinking Globally & Shopping Locally.


Hobie Alter looks out the window of the original Hobie Dana Point Shop.


Think Globally… Shop Locally

Joni Mitchell’s familiar refrain “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” warns against taking the things you love for granted. And while at the time Joni was referring to paradise, trees, pure food and her boyfriend, her message resonates now for one of the key threads in the fabric of small towns, namely, local businesses.

We do indeed live in paradise! Surrounded by an incomparable coastline and rolling hills we have wonderful neighbors and lifestyles. But a critical component of our lives and towns are the storefronts we drive past every day and the shopkeeper and employees inside that work very hard to make their dream a reality by offering you something they believe in so much that they have devoted their very lives to showing it to you. But recently the emergence of point and click shopping obscures the reality that operating a successful small business, while never an easy road, is more challenging than ever.

But you won’t see the chairman of Amazon in the stands at the local Homecoming game, cheering on kids at a local surf contest or helping the local family that lost their home in a fire. That level of community involvement only happens when the business owner lives in your neighborhood, works down the block, plays hoops at the local park or paddles out at your local break. And the truth is, the vast majority of proprietors in our towns do just that. They’re sponsoring the little league teams, manning the BBQ at the game, giving discounts to the kids when they get a good report card or just waving to you when you meet on the sidewalk. They’ve been there for years so you might even take them for granted, but trust me, they never take your patronage for granted. Not for a minute. And if they ever leave, our towns will lose a part of what makes them so special, thread-by-thread, storefront-by-storefront. It would be more than a shame… It would be tragic and we would all lose.

So please consider doing your part to help maintain the souls of our towns. Turn off the computer, get out of your car and walk the sidewalks, our sidewalks, to rediscover the incredibly unique shops just down the street. It’s easy, it’s fun and you’ll discover some cool goods and services that you can’t find online while meeting some pretty nice folks in the process.

Thankfully, most of the people I talk to “get it” and understand that the quality of their lives depends in part on the holistic integrity of the community that surrounds them. The health of our town is akin to the health of our bodies and online shopping is like drive through fast food. It’s something to eat, but it sure as heck ain’t home cookin’.

Mark Christy


Hobie Shop :: First Annual Hobie Surf Shop Makers Market Set for Sunday November 12th at Hobie Dana Point


We have so many incredibly talented people on our staff! Our staff families are incredibly talented! And, they all have incredibly talented friends too!!! So… we thought we would make a Hobie Staff, Our Families, and Our Friends “Makers Market” where they could showcase their talents!


Join us in the parking lot of our Dana Point Shop on Sunday November, 12th from 11am – 3pm for a local craft market filled with ONLY handmade goods from 26 artists. Artists featured will have all their goods for sale in their own space. Just like any typical market, you will check out at each unique booth. All of the crafters will be keeping 100% of their profits and will pay no booth fees! There are some unreal talents showing everything from jewelry, to fine art, to holiday decor, to string art, beauty, woodcraft, leather goods, paddles, hand planes, photography, and more!! A little something for everyone!!

The Makers Market is free to enter, all ages welcome. Our good friend, Will Heard, will be playing live, and, the legendary, Kris Carlow, will be cooking up free hot dogs for all who cruise by! Please spread the word! Bring all your friends! We can’t wait to see you here!!!

Hobie History :: “Surfboard Release Party” with Phil Edwards!! Hobie Dana Point on April 7th.

Hobie Surf Shop & Hobie Surfboards present “Surfboard Release Party” with legendary surfer and sailor, Phil Edwards. 


A very wise man said “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.” That wise man is Phil Edwards. Legendary surfer, sailor, shaper, boat builder/designer, waterman, and all around surfing style icon. We are proud to be re-establishing our ties to this master craftsman after 17 years. Hobie Surfboards will be debuting two all new Phil Edwards surfboards, The Phil Edwards Model and The Phil Glide, at a “Surfboard Release Party” at Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point on Friday, April 7th with the great Mr. Edwards in attendance.

The Hobie Phil Edwards Model is being recreated to the tee under the direction and discerning eyes of Phil Edwards himself. This classic is one of the smoothest rides around, great in small to overhead surf. The Phil Glide is collaboration between Phil Edwards, Colin McPhillips and Mark Johnson. The shape is based on a solid mahogany board that Phil shaped decades ago. These surfboards will be immediately available for purchase and custom ordering.

There will be new Hobie Surfboard Models from and appearances by Mickey Munoz, Colin McPhillips, Bucky Barry, and Phil Rajzman. Master Hobie shaper, Gary Larson, will be hand shaping a new Phil Edwards Model during the night. Music from Matt Akiona, a pop up Hobie History photo wall, and complimentary snacks and drinks starting at 6pm and going until 8pm. All ages welcome, free of charge and open to the public.

Event Date & Time :: Friday April 7th, 2017. Start time 6pm – 8pm.

Location :: Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point

34174 Pacific Coast HWY

Dana Point, CA 92629


Hobie Shop :: The Vintage Aloha Collection at Hobie San Clemente

Coming Toady, Friday 8/19/16, to Hobie San Clemente, the latest additions to our Vintage Aloha Collection as curated and described by Craig Dunlap. This is an ongoing project that Craig is leading, so there will always be new additions of these kinds of gems hitting the shop. Check them all out now, then come shop before they are on someone else’s back!!



Now these aren’t your grandpa’s aloha shirts…But maybe they used to be! Here we’ve got a few examples of the classic ‘Safari Style’ aloha shirts made by Surfline Hawaii.  These things have got all the bells and whistles: Four flap-pockets, belted back, wooden buttons and even epaulets, all set on vintage barkcloth! Whether you’re on a surfin’ safari in West Africa, or observing the restless natives of Capo Beach at the #savageluau, you’ll be sure to discover a good time in one of these shirts!



Here we’ve got a few examples of the 1960’s ‘Duke Kahanamoku’ line by centenarian swimwear purveyor, Catalina.  Crafted in Hawaii with the telltale signs of premium aloha style: Genuine coconut buttons, loop collar and amazing midcentury patterns all on a tailored fit, medium-weight shirt.  It won’t matter whether you’re at a bonfire at Sano, or a swingin’ cocktail party at Jackie Treehorn’s beachfront pad in Malibu, these gems will say one thing… I’m here to party, and I’m gonna look good doing it!



Here we’ve got an offering that will crown you as the de facto ‘King of the Surf’: a matched 1960’s competition set by ‘Sears Sportswear’ that was made in the USA back when quality was the name of the game.  Heavy nylon, quality stitching and brass ‘Talon’ zippers will show everyone in the lineup that you’re gonna take first in your heat, and that you’ve got wave priority whether they like it or not!



Before there was Reyn Spooner, there was Reyn’s Men’s Wear.  Soon after Reyn Mcullough left his digs in Catalina for the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, he teamed up with Ruth Spooner, a local seamstress of surf trunks, to revolutionize “Aloha Wear’.  This is one of the earliest examples of his proprietary ‘Spooner Kloth’ which is the reverse print, poly/cotton blend that we now all associate with the Aloha Shirt.  Based on the post-Catalina, pre-Spooner label, this shirt was most likely handmade in the basement of the Ala Moana store somewhere between 1959 and 1964.



Close those eyes and transport yourself back to Oahu 1959. You’re sitting at the Shell Bar in the Hawaiian Village, listening to the exotic sounds of Martin Denny, sipping on a perfectly prepared Mai Tai.  The smell of lime and mint hit your nose just as Arthur Lyman’s vibraphone and Augie Colon’s bird calls hit your ears.  You look up, and what do you see? This shirt in all of its glory.  Wide-open collar, stylized pineapple print, ¾ sleeve zip-front with a pre-Spooner Reyn’s label (1959-1962).  Zip into this bad boy, kick back with a tropical beverage, and take it all in.  You’ve finally made it to the top!

Hobie Shop :: DLSA Menehune Surf Contest Sign Up BBQ at Hobie Dana Point!



Sign Ups Now Open for Doheny Longboard Surfing Association’s 20th Annual Menehune Championships!!! 

Calling all Menehunes!!  Time to get yourself to Doheny and get your practice ON!!That sweet time of year called Sumer is upon us and that means it’s time for  The 20th Annual Doheny Longboard Surfing Association’s Menehune Surf Championships!!! Contest is on for Saturday, June 25th as part of this years Doheny Surf Fest!! And, as always, we will be kicking it off in style with a night before BBQ and sign up shin dig at Hobie Dana Point from 6-8pm! Yeow! 


Info ::

Doheny Longboard Surfing Association is proud again this year to have Hobie Surf Shops sponsoring the event. Hobie will provide early check-in, t-shirts and a barbeque to start the event beginning Friday, June 24th from 6-8pm at the Dana Point Hobie Surf Shop, located at 34174 Pacific Coast Highway. Bring your family and drag along your crew, all ages are welcome and the BBQ is free of charge!

The heats for the contest begin promptly at 7:30 AM and are open to boys and girls (menehunes) with divisions 8 and under up to 17 years of age. Kids from up and down the coast are expected to participate. Applications and additional information can be picked up at  Hobie Surf Shops, or downloaded from the Association’s website at:www.dohenylongboardsurfingassociation.com

The contest features raffles and music throughout the day with an awards ceremony following the end of the competition. Mark Gale, President of the DLSA,  reminds you,“This event is all about enjoying the beach, friends & family while having fun in the surf. We hope these kids will fondly remember their time spent at Doheny with their fellow surfers and families for years to come.”

Surfers will compete in 15 minute heats. The scoring is based on a 10 point system that integrates wave selection, length of ride, surfing moves and style. Judges are all Doheny Longboard members who have a long history of working within this type of scoring system.

The Doheny Longboarding Surfing Association (D.L.S.A.) is an organization dedicated to board surfing in a clean and natural environment. In relation to that philosophy, the D.L.S.A. will act as a support group for other organizations with similar views and objectives.