Gear Up For Summer: Warehouse & Surfboard Sale

Its that time of year again folks…

SPRING WAREHOUSE SALE! This year we have a special treat, surfboards! We will be kicking the sale off on Friday with clothes and then continuing Saturday with clothing and boards. The sale will be held in our San Juan Capistrano wearhouse (address below). We will have TONS of summer gear such as bikinis, trunks, alohas, kids, hats, accessories, shoes… you name it we got it.

Below is a sneak peak on what you are going to see including what boards will be on special…

See you all there!

location: http://32921-A Calle Perfecto San Juan Capistrano CA 92675

International Womens Day: Hobie Surf Shop Guide

In honor of International Womens Day & Womens History month we are highlighting some of our female powered brands that bring light and stoke into our store and the surf community. These brands are powered by women, made for women, and/or give back to our community in one way or another. Each of these companies are unique in their own way with their own purpose and mission but led by the same idea… creating functional products for women made by women. Today and everyday we celebrate women especially the kick ass ladies who fuel creativity, passion, and new ideas in an ever changing industry. Here are some of our favorite women run companies we carry in our shops. This month help support their cause and show a little love to the awesome ladies in your life.


A celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing. These suits are made for you.

Seea is a women’s surf suit brand run and operated by women local to San Clemente California. There mission is to make comfortable, stylish, and tasteful suits that can be functional while surfing. Their founder, Amanda Chinchelli, states “Seea is line of swimsuits for surfing. I started Seea out of necessity. I needed suits that were comfortable for surfing, but didn’t look to sporty or too skimpy … something that looked good, while working great for surfing.” Seea is dedicated to the pioneering women who first braved the waves, and to every woman who has ever searched for a suit that is feminine, comfortable, and fun. An elegant mix of retro-modern shapes and contemporary colors and prints, Seea strikes the perfect balance between surf function and style.

Here are some of the styles we have coming this month…

Lotus and Luna

Lotus and Luna empowers artisan communities through educational resources, fair wages, and endless opportunity. There unique, hand crafted products promote growth among villages in Thailand, helping them achieve a better quality of life. They are proud to spread the importance of ethical consumption by sharing their talents with the world. By supporting them enables us to make the world a better place, one village at a time!

Here are our shop picks…

Scout Curated Wears

In 2014 frustrated by the lack of balance in her life and a desire to spend more time with her two young sons, owner Lora decided to leave her demanding career in the fashion industry. In 2015 the itch to be creative and the life long dream of owning her own business lead her to found Scout. Initially designing and selling gift jewelry online and wholesaling to shops in the northeast, Scout has rapidly expanded across the United States. Quickly outgrowing Lora’s in-home operation, Scout moved to a beautifully refurbished mill building where a small team works to bring you lovely jewelry.

10% for women – As a company founded and led by women Scout highly values promoting women and families. We believe that all women have the right to reach their full potential. When women have the tools to succeed, everyone benefits. That’s why we pledge to give 10% of net profits to organizations that help support and promote women.

Here our some of our shop picks…

Suncatcher – Rainbow/Labradorite
Dream Stone Earring – Turquoise/Silver
Stone Moon Phase Ear Jacket – Turquoise/Silver
Suncatcher- Evil Eye/Amethyst
Gabby Stud Trio- Gold


Ink & Alloy is a women-owned accessory brand created to inspire and empower the spirit of wonder and exploration. Our colorful glass seed beads and up-cycled brass are handcrafted into earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories that evoke a bohemian vibe that is modern, inspiring + effortlessly cool. They strive to carry this mission not only through the products they make, but through the way they practice business as a whole. Cheers to finding pieces that are bold and uniquely you.

Here is some of our favorite shop picks…

Ink + Alloy Muted Half Triangle Earrings
ink + alloy rainbow 5 2.75 dangle heart post earrings
Ink + Alloy Bead Key Ring

Carve Design

When we need women’s swimwear and shorts that move with us, we shop for Carve clothing. Founded by two badass women who love the outdoors, Carve Designs is made for active women who refuse to sacrifice performance for style. From reversible bikini tops to shorts that come in a variety of inseam lengths, Carve Designs creates clothing for women with a passion for adventure. Beach, mountain, or town, Carve clothing provides women with gear to conquer every swell, slope and street. Whether we’re going for a swim and navigating big waves in stay-put swimwear or looking for stylish bottoms or well-fitting shorts for dashing around town in, we can always count on Carve styles to stay comfortable and stay put through all our adventures. Carve swimwear is a go-to swimsuit company for women, with zip-up sunshirts, reversible bikini tops, tankini tops, reversible bikini bottoms, long-sleeve rash guards, boardshorts, and one piece swimsuits built to look great and outperform the rest. Whether you’re cliff-diving or grabbing brunch, Carve clothing and swimwear is comfy, stylish, and ready to rock. Most of Carve Designs’ swimwear for women is made in California. Some Carve clothing for women, like shorts and bottoms, are also made overseas, in partnership with select production facilities. Carve develops deep relationships with these facilities to ensure a quality product and the fair treatment of workers.

Here are our shop picks:

Salty Cali

Girl bosses Miriam and Leslie started Salty Cali in 2014 with $50 and a passion for handmade jewelry. What was a fun hobby, a year later had them quit their jobs to chase their dream full time. Salty Cali collections are inspired by the ocean, beach, surf, and the Californian lifestyle. They design and handcraft them in their San Diego showroom just a few steps from the beach, to soak in all the beach vibes. Each piece is made of unique natural stones, shells, and colorful crystals on 925 Sterling and 18k gold plated chains. As of 2020, they are among the first in the industry to introduce waterproof necklaces, made in 18k gold plated stainless steel.

Moonshine Mandy

Moonshine Mandy is handmade in sunny San Juan Capistrano, Ca, by Mandy Dunlap in her home surrounded by her four children. What started as a little extra way to make some cash, turned into a fun creative way to spend her downtime, relax and let her creativity shine. Each bracelet is designed with the intention to make you smile, spread positivity or to show off your beachy side. 

Maaji Swimwear

Maaji Swimwear is a woman powered swim brand committed to become B Corp certified. This means they not only commit to sustainability but take responsibility for where they source their materials and ensure all Maajic Makers are treated with dignity, respect, and most importantly, earn a living wage. They continue to learn and grow, but one constant of the Maaji brand is the quality, fit, and fun styles they are known for. Maaji bikinis are characterized by their ocean-inspired colors, fun combinations, unexpected details & our favorite Maajic trick: 4-way and reversible styles. A unique to this company, is their effort of making swimwear interchangeable so you can bring one or two suits on a trip to wear 8 different ways. They Maaji team are passionate go-getters. A positive and vibrant mindset runs through our veins. They pride themselves on inclusivity and celebrate the sense of freedom that comes from being true to ourselves. They believe in the power of togetherness which lead us to building our very own community, The Maajic Seekers Tribe.

Here are our shop picks…


For this months Manager highlight we are bringing you behind the scenes where the real magic happens. While you may frequently see the friendly faces of our surf shop employees, the warehouse tells a different tale. The rough and tumbled men (and women) of the warehouse ensure our stores are stocked and keep our customers happy. Manager of the Hobie/Tuvalu warehouse, tiki enthusiast, family man, and fount of knowledge… for practically everything. This man keeps our company running. He is always quick to lend a helping hand, crack a joke, or put you in your place if needed. If you’re lucky you might have shared a drink or two (most likely made by him), listening to tales of taxidermy, tiki culture, good tunes, and vintage cars. You name it-he’s done his research on it. A host to all, he is always generous with food and drinks in his San Juan Cap abode… and of course including the history of each cocktail he gives you. Introducing Craig Dunlap, the man of many trades.

Q. How long have you been with Hobie & what is your role in the company?

A . This will be my 20th year with the company.  I started the summer of my junior  year of high school.  My official title is Warehouse Manager, which encapsulates both Hobie, and our home store Tuvalu.  My roles include everything from plumber to bartender, furniture installer to electrician, and anything in between.  Except for computer problems, I leave those to our IT guy, Chris.  Whatever is needed on a daily basis, I’ll try and help facilitate.  Gotta keep it interesting. 

Q.What is the best part about your job?

A. 100% it’s family, but we’ll get into that later.  Realistically, I love living close enough that I can walk to work if my car won’t start, which happens on occasion. I love coming in here and seeing the same people who I’ve been with since I was a kid.  I love the (usually) well-oiled machine, where everyone knows what to do and gets out of everyone else’s way.  I love the lack of bureaucracy.  I love the motley crew of people I get to work with in the warehouse.  I love the random challenges that I’ll get on Tuvalu jobs.  I love the flexibility our bosses have allowed us.  I love that we’re family owned. And I love that all 3 of my bosses (Mark and Jake with Hobie and Laurie with Tuvalu) are always in the trenches with us when things go south.   Oh yea, I’ve also gotten to fly internationally in private jets for Tuvalu projects.  Scratch all that stuff I said first.  Private jets are the best part of my job.

Q.What do you love most about the Hobie lifestyle & how does it pertain to your own lifestyle?

A. I love history, especially the local history of our immediate area, so being attached to such a legendary brand is pretty rad.  I don’t even surf, but Dana Point/Capo Beach are the birthplace of the modern surf industry, with Hobie being one of the seminal figures. Many of those pioneers are still kicking around, and being able to catch a glimpse of this guy, or hear a story about that guy on a regular basis is pretty cool.  I love connecting the dots and finding out who lived at that one house on Beach Road, or who used to work at that spot before it turned into that other place. And I feel like Hobie, the man and the brand, always pop up in those conversations.  I’ve lived my entire life within about 4 miles of where I’m sitting right now in San Juan Capistrano, so that kind of stuff is really important to me.  Fun fact: I tattooed a Hobie logo on my leg when I hit 10 years of employment.  First one in, last one out.  Yea boys.

Q.What are your hobbies outside of work?

A. I do all kinds of stupid things for fun, but really I just like to hang out with my family and friends.  Doesn’t matter where or why.  I just love getting everyone together for a party. As far as my friends are concerned, I’ve got an open door policy in most everything I do… the more the merrier.  My wife and I both love driving out to Ortega or any of the local canyons and hiking around with our kids.  During summer, it’s the beach as much as possible.  We live in the best area for just cruising around and being outside.  No need for me to drive 7 hours when I can drive 20 minutes and feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere.  Our area is so underrated. People think they need to drive to the Sierras or Big Sur to put up a tent.  Have you ever been to Caspers, or Saddleback Mountain, or Live Oak Canyon? They’re great.  I also spend a ton of time searching OfferUp for crap I don’t need to buy with money I don’t have.  And cocktails. Lots of cocktails.

Q.You are known for your love of all things tiki, When and how did you first get into this?

A. I got into that scene shortly after moving into a condo in Dana Point with my good friend (and at the time, coworker) Zak.  Must have been 2007 or so. I honestly don’t remember the impetus of the tiki stuff, it was probably just one more dumb thing to collect that lined up with my interests at the time. We started out with a normal bachelor pad, and ended up with a full blown tiki bar.  Fountains, aquarium, A-frame roof, bamboo, thatch and matting, you name it.  All inside of a two bedroom apartment. That bar turned a lot of friends onto tiki culture and cocktails.  I’m a stickler for classic pieces, or at a minimum, classic designs. I spent all my time researching what tiki was supposed to be; from the decor, to the drinks, to the music, and I’d build anything that I couldn’t find or afford. It was early enough in the resurgence, that good vintage stuff was out there for the taking if you knew where to look.  Searching has always been my favorite part.  I’m too cheap to pay top dollar for anything, but I’ll travel far for a deal. And you always leave with a story.  Only the most interesting people live in Hemet trailer parks. 

Q. Hobie is a family brand, how do you live up to this legacy?

A. For me, working here isn’t just like working with family, because I work with my literal family. Haha. My wife Mandy is a buyer here, my brother Clayton works with me in the warehouse as my right hand man/driver/furniture installer, and all 4 of my kids have spent their first year of life in my wife’s office. At any moment, you’re likely to see (and definitely hear) them running through the building.  All of my brothers have worked for Hobie, plus a brother and sister in law. But even if you took my blood out of the equation, after 20 years, most of us have been through enough together that I wouldn’t hesitate to call anyone here family. It’s kind of wild how many matched sets of last names you’ll find in this place.  Husbands and wives, parents and kids, brothers and sisters. One of the  first things I do with new employees is make sure to give them a run down of who’s related to who. The last thing you want is the new guy to bag on someone’s kid, or try and take my wife out on a date.

Q. You are known for your cars… Can you tell us about your current and past collections? 

A. The pride of my fleet is my new 2012 Ford Econoline, which is the only responsible adult vehicle I’ve ever owned. It can get further than Crown Valley without breaking down, which is a new experience for me. I’ve also got a 1964 ford F100 pickup, a rose pink 1979 Continental Mark V that everyone thinks is a Cadillac, a 1957 Ford Thunderbird that my mom had owned since she was 16, a 1967 Triumph Bonneville chopper and a 1971 Cushman golf cart. In the past I’ve owned a 1966 Mustang, a 1963 Ranchero and, the only non-Ford on the list, a 1982 Buick Regal lowrider.  Ok, I also owned a 2003 Cadillac that I ended up trading for a pair of vintage club chairs, but I don’t like to talk about that one.  It’s a bit of a sore subject, and I technically bought it for my wife, so it doesn’t count.  I’ve still got the chairs though.

Q. Favorite local grub spots and surf break?

A. Anyone that knows me knows I have an opinion on everything, and food is no exception. El Campeon in San Juan is my favorite Mexican spot, and it also happens to be the best Mexican spot. I won’t hear any arguments otherwise. Dippity Donuts for an affordable cheeseburger combo holds a very special place in my heart. A’s Burgers bean burrito special is still the best kept secret in town, and we all know they have the only ranch dressing worth forking out an extra dollar for.  The tamale guy that shows up in a Toyota Corolla behind our warehouse on Mondays and Thursdays is always a mid-morning treat.  Swallow’s Inn for everything else.  As far as surf breaks go, I’m sorry, I’m a boogie boarder.  I grew up doing the Salt Creek thing, but by the end of high school, Strands became my local spot.  I still love a good north side Strands hang with the family.  But during summer, there’s nothing better than getting out of church, packing up the ice chest and hitting Trail 1 for an all-day Sunday hang with our friends and their kids.  Drive right past the two-hour Sano line and hike down the cliff to see Old California.  It takes a little work, but it’s well worth it. 

Q. Favorite child?

A. Matilda to talk to.  Hank to wrestle/snuggle with.  Bernadette to stare at.  Buzz to try and hold on to.

King Of the Warehouse…

The Legend Returns: Dale Velzy

As a cooperative, our shapers and staff are purveyors of all things surf. We’re compelled to build Models steeped in our heritage and built by specialized design. A few might say that board building is our passion; perhaps a crime! All kidding aside there are few craftsmen that compare to Mr. Alter in legacy and pervasiveness, except one, Dale Velzy. If Hobie was an automobile he’d be a Model T Ford, and Velzy a Mercury Hotrod. Alter was groundbreaking in his methods, from an early machining jig to the meticulous refinement of polyurethane foam. In contrast, Velzy was flashy, an all-out showman, he would do anything to put you on a surfboard TODAY. Dale was, also, a prodigious “hotdogger” and made boards that had more in common with drag racing than hydrodynamics. This month, February 2023, Hobie Surf Shops launches a partnership with the one and only, Surf Boards by Velzy. Of course, there’s so much we can say about Mr. Velzy. We’ll do our darndest to bring you all of these stories throughout the course of our venture. Dale was way more than just a surfboard shaper. He had his fingers in all sorts of pastimes: hotrods, dune buggies, horses, and barbeque. We look forward to bringing you, the longboard enthusiast, all of the Velzy chronicles. Today, we’d like to introduce three heritage Models that shapers, Gary Larson and Adam Davenport, feel are most relevant for our today’s logging conditions: Pig, 422, and the Maibu Express!

Velzy Board Models

Velzy Surfboard Models

Velzy: Malibu Express

“Simmons made them light; I made them turn” – Dale Velzy. The Malibu Express lives up to its moniker; a speed demon. The Express utilizes a flat, continuous, rocker with a sleek pintail outline. A subtle hull entry with roll, center, and vee in front of the fin. The rails are a pinched 50/50 from nose to tail. The ME rests below the waterline, not unlike, a displacement hull where it harvests its glide. Dale always said that surfboards work best closest to the living curl. The Express thrives in these steep sections and will not disappoint in waves of some size or energy!

Velzy: The Pig

In the post-WWII surf scene, there were three: Bob Simmons, Matt Kivlin, and Joe Quiqq. Simmons was an enigmatic recluse and Cal-Poly drop out, but his twin fin concepts continue to resonate in modern board design. Kivlin and Quigg, Malibu cohorts, developed “Chips” that honed in the point break speed of the ‘Bu. Enter Dale Velzy, he desired to offer a board that had the speed of the “Chip”, but greater maneuverability. Dale narrowed the nose of a balsa blank, moved the wide point back from center/forward by 8-10 inches, and gave the aft end a major tail-block. The Pig was born! It gave the rider greater maneuverability in the pocket and increased hold for noseriding. Overnight, hotdogging entered the surfer’s vernacular and riding waves would never be the same!

Velzy: The 422

In 1966, the act of noseriding was the reason for the season. As a partnership, Hap Jacobs and Dale Velzy entered the fray with their own apparatus; the 422. This reverse-rocker tip time machine features a deep concave that extends almost ¾ the length of the board. Moreover, a unique rail bump and step-tail increases maneuverability in and out of steep sections. Albeit, the 422 would be considered unusual by the passerby, its influence is visible in many noseriders of the modern logging era. You’re cordially invited to cross-step on the wild side with the 422.

All boards are linked to our website and can be purchased in store or online! Checkout our location in San Clemente, Dana Point, or Laguna Beach!

Velzy Photo Gallery

Photo credit: The Surfing Heritage

Manager of the Month: Hannah Fait

For our last manager highlight, but certainly not least… we have Laguna Beach’s notorious girl next door. If not in the shops, you can catch her dancing at the Sawdust Festival, chatting up the local artist, hiking the canyon, or possibly hear the faint click of clogs and rattling jewelry on her daily stroll to main beach. Her presence lights up the room and her kindness is contagious. No matter in the shops or in the office-laughter follows wherever she goes. If you haven’t guessed it already… Here is Laguna’s very own sweet sweet Hannah Fait!

Q. How long have you been with Hobie and what is your role in the company?

A. “I have been with Hobie for 7 years. My work anniversary is actually coming up this week! I wear a couple of different “hats” in the company. I’m one of the managers of the Laguna Beach store, a merchandiser, and the vintage buyer for our Vintiki collection. You can usually find me in my clogs climbing in a window in the shop or posted up in the ‘Zen Den’ in our San Juan Capistrano offices. “

Q. Favorite thing about the store/ or part of the store?

A. “I love that we are so close to the beach and in the heart of downtown Laguna. I spend every lunch break by the water reading. It rules! Being downtown we have the opportunity to interact with so many people, whether it be locals or visitors. I also appreciate the connection we have with the community…hosting beach clean-ups, hopping on the local radio station, having the kick-off party for Coast Film Festival, and so much more. Also “SuperGirl Sundays” in our stores- it’s a constant dance party. But then again that’s basically every day when you’re working with your friends. I’ve been known to twirl once or twice in the shops…whether I realize it or not.” 

Q. What do you love most about the Hobie lifestyle and how does this play into your own lifestyle?

A. “I love the history that is weaved throughout surf culture and Laguna. Having grown up in Laguna and being taught to surf at a young age I have a great appreciation for the mark that Hobie left in surfing and the community. I learn something new every day! I also love hearing people’s stories about their memories/connection to Hobie. So many customers have shared that their first boards were purchased at our Dana Point store from Hobie Alter. Hearing these never get old.” 

Q. Favorite products we carry & why?

A. Books! We carry a wide variety of them, currently reading The California Field Atlas by Obi Kaufmann. I’m a huge book nerd and I love the addition of books to the store. It adds a whole other dimension to the shop and it’s exciting to see what customers gravitate towards. It’s located at the center of our shop and it acts as a little community table. People naturally gather there to either peruse the titles and flip through pages, or catch up with their friends. Also, I’m a little biased, but I love our Vintage. I’m hoping to grow this carefully, curated corner so stay tuned! 

Q. What do you like to do in your free time outside of the store?

A. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside. My favorite beaches are down the street from my house so I am often reading and going for a swim. It’s pure magic. I usually hike at least once a week with my Dad. We talk about plants and their functions. It’s something we have always done together so it’s fun to continue as an adult. Also listening to live music! Twist my arm to hear good tunes and maybe dance a bit. Oh and thrifting. My mom and my aunt got me into Flea markets young, and I still love going to them today. Along with thrift stores and estate sales.  Majority of my furniture and clothing are pieces that I have picked up secondhand. I love how unique and funky each piece is. 

Q. Favorite local break/beach?

A. “Favorite breaks would be Sano, Trails, or Doheny if I am looking for a quick surf before work. For beaches I am so grateful for all the rad little coves in Laguna. I’m constantly switching it up. But if we’re talking snorkel club…Shaws Cove for our post work adventures.

Q. Favorite local food or coffee?

A. Working on Forest Ave, we are surrounded by coffee, so during the week I’ll pop by Moulin (@moulin) or Zinc (@zinccafeandmarket) for a little pick me up or sweet treat. I love the chocolate croissants from Moulin. Or I will stop by Laguna Coffee Co (@lagunacoffeeco) before heading to San Juan. However, the majority of the time I make a little coffee or tea at home. I cherish a good, slow morning, which usually includes music and sipping on something warm out of a ceramic mug. 

Q. Favorite local shops

A. Other local spots are The Ritual Refill (@ritualrefill) , Roots Beauty Underground (@rootslagunabeach), and Laguna Beach Books (@lagunabeachbooks). Ritual has all your refill needs covered in addition to beautifully crafted products from local artists. For all things beauty head over to Roots. Of course I frequent Laguna Beach books…did I mention I like to read? After I leave the bookstore, I typically pop over to Sound Spectrum (@soundspectrum) because again, I love music. 

Q. Dream Hobie board and travel location 

A. I have currently been riding an Uncle Buck and I absolutely love it. I also enjoy riding my Greenhorn if there’s a little more swell in the water. I think my next board will be a Circa ‘71. There’s a real groovy one in the LB shop right now. 

Q. Go to Karaoke Song?

    A. Kim Carnes-Bette Davis Eyes. But my friend and I have been building a list so that could change soon. Keep y’all posted!

Well there you have it! Hannah Lane in a nutshell. Stop by our Laguna store to give her a wave, She is bound to brighten your day.