Hobie Shop :: Hobie Surf Shop Proudly Announces Their Earning of the First Green Business Certification in Laguna Beach.


Hobie Surf Shop proudly announces their earning of the first green business certification in Laguna Beach.

To be certified as a Green Business by The California Green Business Program, you must demonstrate that you take action to conserve resources and prevent pollution in both your facility (fixtures, lighting and maintenance) and your operations (purchasing and other practices). With this in mind, we at Hobie Laguna Beach have fully altered our lighting to 100% LED, greened up our cleaning and paper products, planted drought resistant native landscaping, cut water usage with the assistance of The Ecology Center, and banned single use plastic drinking cups. These additions, along with practices we already had in place at all our locations, made the certification process easy.

This year, in California alone, the program has saved 822,677 metric tons of CO2 with a total savings of $3,083,277. That’s the equivalent of planting 43,583 acres of urban trees a year for ten years. We are exceedingly excited to further implement the eco-friendly changes in all of our coastal locations. Hobie Surf Shop owners, Mark Christy & Jake Schwaner, are actively committed to the process and happily leading the charge for shopwide changes. Plans are already in place for our new San Clemente location to come straight out of the gate as Certified Green. Our goal is for our stores to really just do what is right and be places other small local business can come to and see ways to exist and thrive while being conscious of our shared environmental resource uses.

The California Green Business Program leads the state and nation in working with small to medium sized businesses to grow a vibrant and healthy green economy. Led by a coalition of cities and counties, they contribute to more livable communities with healthier environments, while also conserving resources and saving money. We are honored to be listed among 2,800 other businesses going above for the Earth.

Since 1954, when Hobie Alter opened the very first surf shop in Southern California, ours stores have stood for quality & innovation. Your experience is our priority. To see all the changes first hand, please head in to our Laguna Beach Hobie Surf Shop located at 294 Forrest Avenue Laguna Beach, Ca 92651. We love seeing you!

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf :: Billabong Presents ‘Still Salty’ Surf Contest & FREE Concert!!! Sign Up at Hobie!!!


Hobie is teaming up with Billabong for the first annual Still Salty Surf Contest and Concert at Salt Creek. An all day community surf contest followed by a FREE concert on the lawn with Donavon Frankenrieter, G Love, Matt Costa, and more! You won’t want to miss out on this return to fun to close out the summer!!! Details on the surf contest below, come on by any Hobie Surf Shop to sign up after 5pm on September 1st! We can’t wait to be part of this!!

Round 1: Catch Surf Challenge (boards provided). Every surfer can only ride a catch surf to get to round 2.

Round 2/Semis: Hobie Surf Round Extra point per wave given if you are riding a Hobie.

Round 3/Final: Surf Anything! Surfers can surf any board they choose to make it to the podium.

Division 1: 16 and under =   24 kids

Division 2: 17-24 = 24 people

Division 3: 25-34 = 18 people

Division 4: 35 and up = 18 people

Division 5: Women’s = 12 people

Division 6: Push in = 24 groms

To register, fill out the registration form at any of our Hobie Surf Shops, and it’s a $15 donation to SurfAid.

Surf Contest: 8am start time. Schedule will be posted soon.

Live music on the lawn starts at 4pm. Get there early to reserve a seat on the grass.

Hobie Shop :: The Endless Summer SALE is Almost HERE!!!! UPDATE with Sale Navigation Tips!!!


Former Laguna Beach Manager, and Hobie Family Lifetime Member, Whitney’s, tips for a successful Hobie Endless Summer Sale:
1. Be sure to grab a big blue shopping bag. This way your hands will be free for…….. What else? More shopping! :) 

2. We put new stuff out almost every day so don’t be sad if you don’t make the first day (we got your back). 

3. If the line looks long, trust us, it goes fast. We have it down to a science at this point. 

4. Mornings tend to be the most crowded so maybe make it a late afternoon or early evening outing. 

5. We have stuff for the entire family so be sure to bring them all.

6. Stock up on your Hobie tees; they are always a great deal.

7. The sale is great for back to school shopping. 

8. If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be easy to spot in our matching T shirts. 

9. Sunglasses are also a great sale item purchase. They never really go on sale any other time of the year. 

10. Have fun!! 

-Whitney Rose

Tracey’s Tips For a Successful Endless Summer Sale :: 

1. Try and wear an outfit that you can try items on over. Think workout capris and a sports bra with a t over and sandals. Nothing worse than waiting 20 minutes to try on one sweater.

2. Eat a hearty fulfilling meal before coming, and make sure the kids are fed too… you might shop longer than you thought.

3. The sale can be really stressful for our first year staff (let’s be honest, it can be tough on even our most seasoned staff!)…. try and show the team some love while you shop! We try and meet and exceed all expectations, but if we fall short, take it in stride and give us another chance.

4. This is the BEST sale to stock up on basics and ‘go to’ items.. think backpacks, rack pads, pocket knifes, plain T’s, watches, boardshorts.

5. Come ready to have a good time with your Hobie Family! We love this sale just as much as you do!!

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Shop :: Eidon Musarity Tour at Hobie Laguna Beach Friday June 26th.


We all have at least one can of food in our kitchen, right? We all are always looking for unique ways to reach out to our neighbors who hit a patch of bad luck, right??  We all love live music and art, right??? Then major score, because our friends at Eidon have combined a few of our favorite things into their “Eidon Musarity Tour’ hitting our Laguna Beach Hobie Shop on Friday, June 26th!

The sole focus of the tour is to not only present a night of great music from the incredible Ray Barbee and art from 6+ major artists, but they felt called to make the night a way for us to connect with our local friends who find themselves lacking in food resources. This is a first of it’s kind event and we are proud to be one of a small handful of shops lucky enough to take part!

Admission for the night is a minimum of one can of food per person.. but, we want to encourage you to go above and beyond!! Fill up a bag or two of your favorite canned items (especially Spam! You can’t bring enough Spam!!) and stoke out our local families who call The Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach home. The food will go a long way toward filling up tummies and hearts. So give as much as you can and spread the word to your crew!! We can’t wait to see you all!!

Here is a little Ray Barbee to get you in the mood!! For more information see the details below, or call the shop at 949-497-3304.


The Musarity Tour is a music, art, charity tour designed to gather food for the hungry. 

Sponsors Eidon will bring an evening of Music and Art to Hobie Surf Shop in Laguna Beach on Friday June 26th, 2015. Event patrons are requested to bring a minimum of one can of food as admission to the show. The canned food will be donated to The Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach. 


Ray Barbee


Mark McInnis

Ryan Bryant

Mathew Obrien

Kevin Ginther

Aaron Dorff

Matt Wignall

And More


5pm – 7pm


Minimum 1 can of food