Hobie Shop :: Hobie Warehouse SALE!!!! March 26th & 27th


Thursday & Friday the Hobie Warehouse sale is ON!! Amazing deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, skate, and SUP’s. We want it all gone! Call in sick if you have to, but be here!

Details ::

March 26th & 27th 9am-5pm

The Hobie Warehouse

32921-A Calle Perfecto San Juan Capistrano CA 92675


Hobie Surf Shop, Tuvalu, and Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards Massive Warehouse Sale!!!!


Your Friday’s just got filled with a lot more Aloha!!

For the next two Friday’s ONLY we are emptying out our warehouses and putting it all on sale at HUGE discounts! Special treat, our sister store, Tuvalu Home, is part of the sale too!! Amazing deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, coastal furnishings (especially chairs! You need a seat, we have one for you!), and SUP’s. We want it all gone! Bring your friends and family and load up for the holidays!! Wild deals on women’s Hobie T’s and Tanks, only $5!! Men’s T’s are all priced at $10!! Nothing is being held back…. call in sick if you have to, but be here! We Can’t Wait to See You!!!!

Details ::

November 14th & 21st from 9am-4pm

The Hobie and Tuvalu Warehouse

32921-A Calle Perfecto San Juan Capistrano CA 92675

949.487.1282 Extension 10

Hobie Surf :: Hobie Surf Swap & Sale!!!!


Your Favorite Hobie Event of the Year!!!!!

It’s Back!! Our annual Surf Swap & Sale at our Dana Point Hobie Surf Shop (only, in Dana Point!!) is set to go off this Memorial Day Weekend! We LOVE this sale!! It’s our chance to not only help you clean out those used surfboards in your garage, making room for a whole new rack of boards… but it’s our chance to buy those used boards off of you and have a brand new, though slightly pre-loved, quiver of our own!

You set the price for your boards, with a little help from us, and when it sells, 10% of the selling price will be donated to The Ocean Institute. 90% gets sent to you by check the next week. Be wise in your selection of boards to bring down. Longboards are preferred. Surfboards 7’6″ and over sell the fastest and usually for the best price. SUP’s also do well at the swap, but as far as shortboards go, it’s hit and miss on how they fare and we only have a limited amount of space for them. We also have had a strong turnout of folks looking for classics and vintage boards, too! Remember, cleaned up, unwaxed boards look the best in the racks. You want your girl to stand out amongst the sea of other boards, so shine her up nice and pretty!

Tell your friends, and especially tell that board hoarder you know, to bring their boards on down to our Dana Point Shop (again the sale is only at the Dana Point Shop) bright and early on May the 23rd. We will start taking in boards at 9am. When you fill out your forms, make sure to give us an easy phone number to reach you at, just in case we have an offer on the table that you want to hear. We have seen people come up cash in hand, looking to get a bit off the marked price only to leave when we can’t get in contact with the seller. Price your boards fair and be willing to STOKE someone out on a new ride! It’s crazy fun to watch people find the new log of their dreams at a price they can afford!

Stop in through out the weekend and see how your boards are selling, and make sure you shop the SALE! We go BaNaNaS marking items down!! Our outside parking lot will be full of great deals, and we’ll have special markdowns inside too! Seriously, you will Not be disappointed with this sale and swap! Make sure you are ready with phone in hand on Sunday May 26th around 4ish, just in case we didn’t sell your boards. You will have to pick them up again that night by 5pm. But, trust us, we do our best to sell them all!!

Ok, if you have any other questions, call our Dana Point Shop at 949-496-2366, otherwise, We’ll See You at The Swap!!!

Hobie Shop :: Hobie Surf Shop Holiday 2013 Catalog

Welcome to our Hobie Surf Shop Holiday 2013 Catalog!! 

Our team of elves gets busy every year creating this catalog to help you rock the holiday season!! Each item featured is hand selected by our buyers as a favorite must have. Come on it to any of our locations and shop quick, as styles sell out wildly fast this time of year. If you can’t make it in, you can shop almost all of the catalog collection at www.hobiesurfshop.com and we even created a page featuring just what is in the catalog HERE. We hope you enjoy it… Oh, and, don’t forget to print out the page with the coupon on it and bring it in!! Happy flipping! 

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Hobie Surf: Bye Bye BlackBalls, Hello Locals Summer!!

Dreaded Blackballs….

Much like no one likes a dirty beach, no one really likes Blackballs either. Sure, they have their place, the whole point of them existing in the summertime is to make the waters safer for everyone by keeping the hard boards away from the spongey boards. I think we all begrudgingly understand the necessity, seriously, who wants their 9’8″ log to cartwheel into the beach and take out a toddler from Wisconsin who just wrapped up the finishing touches on the third floor turret of their sandcastle? No one, that is who. I’m talking about how a blackball flag signals not only the start to summer, but also the start of “the crowd”.

Standard Summertime Thursday in Laguna Beach

I’m not sure where “the crowd” comes from; some say inland, some say the East Coast, and some say Europe (I’m thinking this one could have a ring of truth to it, because I have seen a dramatic uptick in white speedos since June 20th.) but I do know that “the crowd” means the end to conveniently located empty parking spots, the end to wide open freeways*, the beginning of the SanO line, and the start of non stop complaining about “the crowd”. However, even though “the crowd” can be a little overwhelmingly dense  at times, they do bring with them lots of great stuff too. With out them, we might not have beach concerts, The Pageant of the Masters, The Sawdust Festival, OceanFest, The Tall Ships Festival, and loads more crowd friendly stuff that us locals get to take in. In a way, “the crowd” kind of gives a lot more than it takes… much like our frenemy  the Blackball flag.

The Pageant of The Masters… a Laguna Beach Summertime Tradition

Sure, the Blackball flag divides and conquers the beach into sections like “no hardboard surfing”, “no swimming”, “no SUPing”, and “no super happy funtimes”. Sometimes that can be a real bust to our plans, but it does give us a distinct line in the sand for the start of “the crowd” when the flags go up, and an end to “the crowd” when the flags come down. I like to think of the flags coming down (as they did last night at 6pm, not to be put up again until next June!!) as the start of Local Summer… the glorious months of September and October when the weather is still warm and the water isn’t quite cold enough for a full suit. “The crowd” is gone, the kids are back in school, and it’s just you and me, and a South Swell…

…so perfectly uncrowded.

Wave goodbye to “the crowd” for awhile, grab your board, drop the kids off at school, throw a smile on your face and let’s kick off Local Summer in style. See you in the water!

-Tracey Engelking

* As if the Freeways have ever been wide open on any day of the year! haha!!