Nick Pasquale to Be Honored at The Battle of the Paddle




For immediate release:September 26, 2013

Nick Pasquale to be honored at the 2013 Battle of the Paddle

Rainbow Sandals, a San Clemente based company since 1974 who also runs the biggest stand up paddle event in the world, the Battle of the Paddle will help honor the passing of San Clemente born Nick Pasquale a the upcoming event on September 28 & 29, 2013 at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA.

Nick Pasquale born and raised in San Clemente, CA was tragically killed when he was hit by a car on September 8, 2013. Nick was only 20 years old however he played football and lived life much beyond his years. In loving memory of Nick, the Pasquale family and friends created the Nick Pasquale Foundation (, a charitable cause that will use its monetary donations to support athletes and those in need who demonstrate extreme effort and leadership to pursue their dreams.
Rainbow Sandals, owned by Jay “Sparky” Longley and is his staff Pat Huber and Barrett Tester who run the Battle of the Paddle have generously offered to help honor Nick Pasquale and his foundation and to allow Byron Kurt, a local elite paddler, San Clemente High School graduate and friend of the Pasquale family to wear a special race jersey to honor Nick during the event. Rainbow Sandals will also be making a $1,000.00 donation to the foundation along with giving a “Most Inspirational Paddler Award” in Nick Pasquale’s name.
“Given the nature and closeness with everyone involved, Nick, Rainbow Sandals, Byron and our event, made the decisions easy to help pay tribute to Nick and his family”, stated Jay Longley. “When we were approached to help honor Nick and his foundation even though we do not know Nick or his family, we all felt this only made the right sense to help support his foundation given the proximity of his home town to the event and the local community”, Jay stated.
Byron will wear the UCLA colors being a blue jersey, his number 36 in gold and the foundation website in his honor. Nick walked on and made the UCLA football team in 2012 and played in the first game of the 2013 season as a redshirt freshman with his family in attendance. Nick was also a three year varsity standout football player at San Clemente High School that his Dad Mel is also a Coach.
“This is a tremendous honor to be able to pay tribute to Nick, the family and foundation to wear his number and the UCLA Bruin colors during the event”, Byron Kurt stated. “I have known Mel and Laurie (Nick’s Father and Mother) for 38 years and they are most supportive and well liked family in the community”, continued Byron.
At 5’7” Nick had to work harder than most and did so, arguably by five times which is ultimately why he made such an impact on friends and teammates earning the right to make the UCLA football team. Nick ultimately wanted to be a firefighter, or in a career that helps others.

Without question the local community will come out to join thousands of spectators that attend the Battle of the Paddle every year to support Nick, the Pasquale family and the foundation.

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Rainbow Sandals Battle of the



Hobie Surf :: All Things Water : Team Hobie at The San Clemente Ocean Festival

2012 & 2013 California Waterman Champion, Rob Pelkey.

2012 & 2013 California Waterman Champion, Rob Pelkey. photo by Tracey Engelking

San Clemente’s 37th annual Ocean Festival was THE place to be all weekend long! Team Hobie was out in full force competing in events that tested your true grit in and out of the ocean. Everything from the extremely popular splash and dash (that is a 400 meter swim and a 400 meter run), to surf contests, SUP races, lifeguard contests, to the ultra grueling dory races… there was an event for every level in the water.  If getting wet wasn’t your thing, you could just experience the weekend enjoying sand sculpting, a fishing derby, a woody car show, a surf art exhibit, and of course, The 21st Annual Great Rubber Duck Race!

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Hobie Surf :: Byron Kurt to Give Free SUP Beginner & Race Clinics June 6th at Baby Beach

Byron Kurt

Byron Kurt, easy style.

Join in on our FuN Free Hobie Stand Up Paddle Demo this Thursday, June 6th, at Baby Beach in the Dana Point Harbor! Along with our usual day of goodtimes on the water demoing our 2013 line of Hobie SUP’s, our amazingly talented Team Rider, Byron Kurt, will be doing two very special FREE SUP clinics. One class for Beginners and one class for Race enthusiasts! These classes are usually fee based, so don’t miss out on a chance to learn all the skills you need to survive the SUP jungle FREE of charge!!


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Hobie Surf: 10 Battle of the Paddle Questions for Team Hobie!

Average Saturday Crowd at the Battle of the Paddle!

The Battle of the Paddle  (BoP) is upon us, again! How did it get here  SO fast?? What does Team Hobie have going on?? Are they ready?? Who is racing?? What are they racing?? Have they been training?? Are they drowning in a sea of hype??

If you are like me, and you feel like you have a million question for our gifted paddlers, don’t worry; I’ll take you through the top ten questions our team has been getting asked leading into the BoP. Hopefully, by the time Kelly French yells “Are you ready?!!!!”, you’ll have answers and be ready to cheer on your favorite Hobian!

Chaos.. Madness… Carnage… The Battle of the Paddle.

I talked with Brandi Baksic, Byron Kurt, Jay Wild, and Colin McPhillips.  (I couldn’t get a hold of Rob Pelkey in time to get his thoughts as he was in Japan, but here is a link to a fun tribute we made for him after he won the California Waterman Championship.) Here are their thoughts on all things BoP! Enjoy!!

1. What events are you in at The Battle of the Paddle? 

Byron:  Elite race, Distance race, and the relay.

Jay:  Elite Race, Distance race, and if they have a spot, I’ll be on a relay for Hobie.

Brandi: Elite Race, distance race, and the relay… but if I win the elite, I won’t do anything else! :)

Colin: Elite race, distance, and the relay… and I’ll probably paddle the fun race with my kids.


2. How have your finishes in the elite race been in the past? 

Byron:  My best finish was 5th in Hawaii in 2010. In 2009 I was 16th, 2010 (Dana Point Battle) I was 17th. Then last year I was 42nd…. I was injured and had a staff infection, so as I was going down hill, everyone else was going up.. I was behind the 8 ball before the race ever started.

Jay:  This is my 3rd Battle.. I was 37th, then 16th, then 16th again. My goal will always be to be in the top ten.

Brandi: Three years ago, I got 3rd, then the past two years I was second.

Colin: Two top tens, then 11th… and last year I was 18th or 20th… I don’t remember. As long as I beat Byron Kurt, I’ve achieved my goal. haha!


Byron Kurt Wants to Beat You. Every. Time.

3. What has your training been like leading into the event? 

Byron: Good. Finally. My training is aggressive, I’ve been duplicating the BoP courses. I’m spending my time conditioning and training with Brandi-playing cat and mouse. She goes out first, then I try and chase her down and she tries to stay out front. Age is going to be a factor for both of us… haha.

Jay: I just came off 3 weeks of training for a 9 man (outrigger) Catalina to Newport race. Most of that time I spent in an OC1. This next week will be all SUP… short sprints, buoy turns, and beach runs.

Brandi: The past three weeks I’ve been training with Byron, doing a longer version of the BoP elite course. He gives me a head start then tries to catch me. Lately he has been getting me.. which means either he is getting faster, or I’m getting slower. Going into the next week, it is time to taper so we will see on race day if the training paid off.

Colin: Surfing. Training for me is always about surfing… I haven’t trained very much on flat water, defiantly slipped on my miles. So, I’m just doing as much regular and SUP surfing as I can.


4. Who is your biggest competition? 

Byron: Everyone is my competition. There are so many factors out of your control in the elite race… miss a wave and you can be out of contention just off that miss.

Jay: I just want to be first one to finish from Team Hobie..haha.. just kidding. Everyone is so fast, they are all competition. That is why being in the top ten would be great.. “top ten in the world”, but as of now, there are 15 faster than me. They are my main focus.

Brandi: Always Candice… If you look at the past results the same group of girls have always been at the top. Morgan, Jenny, Gillian, Rachel, Annabel.. even though the sport has had immense growth, it is the same girls at the top for three years, but this could be a year when other girls breakout. Girls from Canada, Australia… it can be anyone this year.

Colin: Everyone. It’s the Battle.. you can have a good start, you can get the waves, you can be in it. Realistically you can’t keep pace with Jamie, Conner, Kai and the like, but if you get lucky, get the waves and they miss.. you are in it. I want to get a good start, trail the top pack, get the waves, stay out of turmoil and who knows where I’ll finish, I’m looking forward to getting in the mix.

Jay Wild does not fear snowflakes.


5. What is your favorite past memory from the BoP?

Byron: Getting 5th in Hawaii. I paddled a strong smart race.

Jay: The first year I competed, going into the turn at the Hammer.. it just… it was chaos. Total carnage and chaos. It was difficult to even figure out which way to get out of it. But, I learned more in that one turn than anything else.

Brandi: The first year I competed, I got 3rd and I had only been paddling for a few months.

Colin: I like everything… the motocross style. My best moments are when we are in it, banging boards and banging paddles, the collisions. Those are always my favorite memories.


6. What is your favorite event at the BoP?

Byron: The elite race. By far.

Jay: The relay. By then all the pressure is off and you are just racing for a good time.

Brandi: The relay. I place more personal emphasis on the elite, but the relay is way more fun. No matter what place you are in.

Colin:  The relay. It gets everyone involved. The camaraderie on the beach at the start is the best part of the weekend.

Brand Baksic paddles because she likes to compete, but mostly, because she likes to win.


7. What is either a bad memory, or maybe something you would change if you could from a past BoP?

Byron: In the 2010 relay, it was Jamie Mitchel and I racing the final leg for the win. I had a lead on him and instead of trying to block him out, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do a thing. And he beat me. I should have paddled smarter.

Jay: Crossing last year and realizing I was 16th again. It was hurtful because- well it’s hard to say why. I had high hopes. I got off to a bad start and I couldn’t get it back. There was a false start, and it changed everything for me. I had a rock under my foot and I was set to push off of it-when they called us back, I was off. I was slow the next start.. I had lost my rock and I couldn’t recover.

Brandi:  I don’t have one. There hasn’t been anything I could change, it was only getting out paddled.

Colin:  Two years ago, I was up with the leaders. I fell on the last lap at the Boneyard and lost the board.. I was bear hugging that thing and it still got ripped out of my hands. I have never gotten so wiped out at Doheny.. I went from 4th to 1oth. If I could go back, I  would have kept my leash on for that last lap.


8. Do you like the courses, would you like to see something changed?

Byron: Yes and yes. I love the elite course. But the distance, the way it’s set up… it’s side chop the whole way. It would be better if it was into the wind.

Jay: I’ll race whatever they say. If you are good enough, you should be able to race anything, anytime.

Brandi:  I like them the way they are… the distance gets a little boring, but I still like it.

Colin:  No. I think Sparky, Gerry, and Pat designed the perfect elite course. The buoys are set up for the best chance at getting a wave, or wiping out. More waves and more carnage, that is the only way it could get better.

If we can get him to stop doing this for a few minutes, which might prove difficult with projected 3-5′ surf, Colin McPhillips will be on the starting line for the elite race.


9. How do you deal with the hype that surrounds the BoP? 

Byron: I just have fun. The hype doesn’t affect my mental game. If you let it get into your head it can alter your performance.

Jay: I took myself off of Facebook. I don’t want to keep looking at it. I want to stay focused on fitness and training-not the hype.

Brandi:  I still go to work full time, so I won’t be in the hype until I’m off for the SUP awards Thursday night.

Colin:  I stay clear of the hype. I just go surfing. No buoy turn practice, no ins and outs.. just go surf and have fun. I figure if I stay up with the front pack, I have the best seat in the house to watch the best in the world battle it out. For me, surfing is way more fun than training on flat water and stressing.


10. Any Last thoughts?

Byron: Looking forward to a fun race and battling against the best.

Jay: I’m stoked… I’m ready for great surf.

Brandi:  I hope I win.. and if not, top 5.

Colin:  Hope for waves and a clean start…. and waves.

11. Oops.. I think you better thank your sponsors! 

Byron: Hobie Surfboards and Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards, Hobie Polarized, Hobie Luggage, Futures Fins, and On It.

Jay: Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards, Hobie Polarized, Waterman’s Landing, Virus International, Ocean Minded, On A Mission, Futures Fins, Watermans Sunscreen, LaCore Pro, and of course, Quickblade Paddles.

Brandi: Hobie SUP, Hobie Polarized, Quickblade, Sambazon, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Virus Intl., Inno Racks, Sportkini, On A Mission, Onit Pro, and SPI.

Colin:  Hobie Surfboards and Hobie SUP; and Pat and Sparky at Rainbow Sandals for keeping the dream alive!


-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf: Colin McPhillips First Day Learning to Shape

“What’s Colin doing here?”

It seemed a throw away question I was asking Byron Kurt and Gary Larson at the Hobie warehouse on a random Wednesday afternoon last week. It’s the kind of question you just toss out, I figured the answer would be something along the lines of’ “picking up a board” “dropping off a board” “meeting with Jeff” ect.. what I didn’t expect was to hear was “He is in the shaping room, doing his first board alone…”

He had expressed a desire to learn how to shape for a long time. I’m not sure how seriously the bosses were taking him. Colin has a unique personality. While the majority of people push, self promote, and scratch with ambition, he quietly lets his accomplishments speak for themselves. You have to pry information about his world longboard titles out of him. He is far more comfortable talking about his family or letting you talk while he listens than to boast about himself. It is somehow easy to overlook something he wants, and put it on the back burner… like the saying goes: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Colin McPhillips does not squeak.

What follows is a photo essay capturing his first solo board. A fun fact, Byron took Colin through the steps at 5:30am that morning. By 11am, Byron figured it was time to leave him alone with a blank and see what he would do. Kind of like tossing a baby bird out of the nest before it’s even half way out of it’s shell and assuming it would fly. Lucky for the blank, Colin is great at flying under pressure.

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