Hobie Shop :: Hobie Surf Shop Holiday 2013 Catalog

Welcome to our Hobie Surf Shop Holiday 2013 Catalog!! 

Our team of elves gets busy every year creating this catalog to help you rock the holiday season!! Each item featured is hand selected by our buyers as a favorite must have. Come on it to any of our locations and shop quick, as styles sell out wildly fast this time of year. If you can’t make it in, you can shop almost all of the catalog collection at www.hobiesurfshop.com and we even created a page featuring just what is in the catalog HERE. We hope you enjoy it… Oh, and, don’t forget to print out the page with the coupon on it and bring it in!! Happy flipping! 

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Hobie Surf :: The Surf Swap and Sale is Back!!

In With the Old!

In With the Old!

It’s Back!! Our annual Surf Swap & Sale at our Dana Point Hobie Surf Shop (only, in Dana Point!!) is set to go off this Memorial Day Weekend! We LOVE this sale!! It’s our chance to not only help you clean out those used surfboards in your garage, making room for a whole new rack of boards… but it’s our chance to buy those used boards off of you and have a brand new, though slightly pre-loved, quiver of our own!

You set the price for your boards, with a little help from us, and when it sells, 10% of the selling price will be donated to the Dana Hills High School ‘Dolphin Force’. Be wise in your selection of boards to bring down, surfboards 7’6″ and over sell the fastest and usually for the best price. SUP’s also do well at the swap, but as far as shortboards go, it’s hit and miss on how they fare. We also have had a strong turnout of folks looking for classics and vintage boards, too! Remember, cleaned up, unwaxed boards look the best in the racks. You want your girl to stand out amongst the sea of other boards, so shine her up nice and pretty!

Tell your friends, and especially tell that board hoarder you know, to bring their boards on down to our Dana Point Shop (again the sale is only at the Dana Point Shop) bright and early on May the 24th. We will start taking in boards as early as 8:30am. When you fill out your forms, make sure to give us an easy phone number to reach you at, just in case we have an offer on the table that you want to hear. We have seen people come up cash in hand, looking to get a bit off the marked price only to leave when we can’t get in contact with the seller. Price your boards fair and be willing to STOKE someone out on a new ride! It’s crazy fun to watch people find the new log of their dreams at a price they can afford!

Stop in through out the weekend and see how your boards are selling, and make sure you shop the SALE! We go BaNaNaS marking items down!! Our outside parking lot will be full of great deals, and we’ll have special markdowns inside too! Seriously, you will Not be disappointed with this sale and swap! Make sure you are ready with phone in hand on Sunday May 26th around 4ish, just in case we didn’t sell your boards. You will have to pick them up again that night by 5pm. But, trust us, we do our best to sell them all!!

Ok, if you have any other questions, call our Dana Point Shop at 949-496-2366, otherwise, We’ll See You at The Swap!!!

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Shop :: Blogger Vacation : Top Ten Favorite Blog Posts Part 2

No Big Deal... I'll be Here While You Read This!!

No Big Deal… I’ll be Here While You Read This!!

AhhhHhhhOoooOooooOoooo…. SPRING BREAK!!!! Yes, as you are reading this, I am traversing my way around one of the Seven Wonders of The World… a glorious, magnificent, wondrous, massive hole in the ground known as THE GRAND CANYON. I feel very Clark Griswold. Anyway… on Tuesday we shared five of our ten favorite blog posts. So today, even though I’m busy touching the Earth, through the magic of the internets, I bring you, in no particular order,  the other five! Enjoy and your all invited to my place when I get back for fondu and a slideshow of my trip… just kidding, there won’t be any fondu…. and since my place is realllllly small, you’ll have to come in shifts…. actually, maybe when you come over, you could bring the fondu?? …Enjoy!!!

Sixth ::  Hobie Alter’s 79th Birthday, Surfboard Auction, and Trip Through Hobie History in a SlideShow!!!  

Seventh :: Mickey Munoz on Buzzy Trent and Commitment.

Eighth :: Photo Essay of Our Dory Team. 

Ninth ::  Cure For Salt Water Dry Lips…. Laugh if you will, I swear it works! 

Tenth :: Mark Johnson recreates Hobie Alters First Board.

And, because it makes me laugh every time I watch it… Bucky Barry sweeper skateboards the parking lot for International Surfing Day. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on Tuesday!!!

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf:: The Big Pink Hobie

A few days ago our good friend and surfer Denny Michael, from the Surfing Heritage Foundation, sent us over this clip called “The Big Pink Hobie”… needless to say we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Before we do, though, we have to take a minute to thank the SHF for their tireless dedication to archiving and preserving surfing history. Just walking into the building you not only feel a sense of nostalgia at the incredible display of surfcraft from every era. You also slowly start to realize that you are receiving a top notch education in not only in building, design, and process, but the cast of characters that have called the surfing world home. Each new era of design brought with it a whole new way of riding the wave, and the SHF does an excellent job of educating you as well as making you go “ooohhhhhh… I want to ride That one!”. If you haven’t been in, stop in and take a look around, it might be the inspiration you need to become the next master shaper or it might make you finally go down to the beach and catch your first wave.

Our Own Hobie Alter had an exhibition at the Surfing Heritage Foundation, called The Innovations of Hobie. This was the invitation to the opening night...

Our Own Hobie Alter had an exhibition at the Surfing Heritage Foundation, called The Innovations of Hobie. This was the invitation to the opening night…

Back to the clip… It’s part of the growing collection of video clips on The Surfing Heritage Foundation’s You Tube channel called, of course, Surfing Heritage TV.  They cover everything from vintage clips of the 60’s and 70’s, interviews from legends of the surf world, waves from Mexico to Australia, views of their exhibits, and much more.

This clip was put together by Denny to celebrate one particular board. The Big Pink Hobie. He takes you through the Uncle Buck‘s  whole history, from being lovingly handcrafted by Terry Martin, to being ridden by the likes of Bucky Barry, Christian Wach, and Denny’s son Blake. Even after being forgotten in a backyard for a time, she was restored by Donny Brink and brought back to life to be ridden again and again, right up to today! Enjoy, and thank you so much Denny and the SHF for preserving our past while inspiring our future.

Made you want to go surf, didn’t it??

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf: An Ode to the Overpack.

The following is the true story of how every surfer ever in the history of forever overpacks when they have a day off on a work day, the water is still warm, there is swell, and they are meeting a buddy at Four Doors….

All I need is this board, a buddy, and a few fun ones and I’m all set.

Thursday 8:56pm… Text between Bucky Barry and I.

U gonna be at SanO tomorrow?

Not sure yet… I’m off, are you going down? 

Yea alllll day!


Yep! I’m bringing the timmy, uncle buck, shortstick, beater… haha maybe if I get bored I’ll come SUP it up with you too.

Nice.. I’ll bring my red Terry, beater, and funboard… and I’ll throw in an extra SUP and paddle for you too. 

yea, do it. Park at 4 doors, look for my van.. if I’m not there, I’m in the water. Jump out n log first, then charge to SUP when the tide gets too high…

I need all the tide I can get… I’m a grandma at getting up.. the fatter the tide and slower the wave the better. haha.. not really kidding tho.. see you in the morning


Friday 7:30am

Coffee drank. Snacks for day packed. Four different wetsuits packed. Four bikinis packed. Two towels packed. Sunscreen, hat, becah chair, tabloid magazine, phone, and camera packed.

Now… the board selection process begins…

Defiantly gotta bring the 9’4″ noserider by Terry Martin, that is a given. I said I’d bring the Beater, so that is in. I’ll put the two SUPs, one for me and one for Bucky, on the racks up top on my pick up and I’ll throw the paddles in the cab… I should probably throw in the 9’2″ Fusion Gary Larson made, just in case it gets fast. I can put the 8′ stringerless 25″ wide funbaordy thing MJ made on top of the two long’s, that should be crazy fun at the high tide… hmmmm.. it might get hot, I better stick the easy up in too. Shoot, I should call Andy Cowell and see if he wants to cruise too, dang, that’s right he has to open the shop. Ohhh… but I should call him and see if I can borrow that Poacher he designed.. 6’10” and paddles like a longboard. That could be fun. Snap. I should bring the Waterhawk and fins, I can use the fins, swim out  and take pics of Buck surfing.. Awwww, even better..  TANDEM!!! I can throw the 10’6″ SUP on top,under the other two SUPs, that way Buck and I can tandem surf that thing… so fun. Ok, sick, the quiver for the day is decided… 3 SUPs, 2 longboards, a Beater, a Funboard, a Poacher, a Waterhawk and some fins… let’s pack it up… 

Get to Four Doors, remove 9’4″ red Terry Martin noserider. Surf with Bucky for 3 hours. Sit on beach, snack  and bs for another 3 hours. Paddle back out, surf same Terry board again for second session. Remove nothing else from the truck besides a towel. Go back home unload “rolling surf shop” vow to only pack one board from now on.

-Tracey Engelking