Hobie Shop :: Hobie Warehouse SALE!!!! March 26th & 27th


Thursday & Friday the Hobie Warehouse sale is ON!! Amazing deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, skate, and SUP’s. We want it all gone! Call in sick if you have to, but be here!

Details ::

March 26th & 27th 9am-5pm

The Hobie Warehouse

32921-A Calle Perfecto San Juan Capistrano CA 92675


Hobie Surf :: Motivation Monday : Our Friends from Hobie Cat Take on The Wave House!

Sail On...

Sail On…


Our good friends from Hobie Cat put together this hilarious clip of what went down when The Hobie Cat World Dealer network took on the Wave House in Mission Beach. Before watching, remember these people are some of the best sailors, fishermen, divers, surfers, and all around watermen in the world. We dare you to watch it and not laugh…. There is nothing more delightful  then watching a good wipe out! Enjoy!!!

Video by Jeffery Fortuna


-Tracey Engelking

Motivation Monday :: Hobie Surf : Gary Larson Shapes a Quad Fish

“If I see a board that I shaped and it is sunburnt yellow, dinged up and ridden into the ground… it makes me happy. I don’t shape things to sit, they are supposed to be in the water, it is why shapers do what they do.” Gary Larson.


Gary Larson. Shaper & Scholar.

Gary Larson. Shaper & Scholar.


How do you start a board for a yet unnamed rider? “I start by looking at the destination… if it is an Uncle Buck headed for Dana Point, I start thinking it is going to be surfed at SanO. Then I think of the wave and how the average surfer in the water would ride it… when I started surfing, I just wanted to surf and get waves… when I make a stock board, I don’t think of surfers like Bucky Barry or Tyler Warren… I think about the average guy or girl in the water and make it for them.” When you think back to that first off the rack board that you loved, it was in fact designed just for you. The stock shapers already saw you riding the wave, they already knew what break you were going to surf at… they knew it was for you before you ever walked into the shop.

Film by Troy Brajkovich. Enjoy!!! To learn more about Gary Larson, See his profile on our team page HERE.


-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Shop :: Hobie Presents The Bruce Brown Film Collection; ‘Waterlogged Wednesdays”



Hobie Presents The Bruce Brown Film Collection; ‘Waterlogged Wednesdays’ 

Dana Point, CA– Hobie Surf Shops proudly announce plans to share the entirety of The Bruce Brown Film Collection at our ‘Waterlogged Wednesdays’ movie nights. Brown’s films are extraordinary time capsules, documenting the surf, motorcycle, and beach lifestyle of the 50’s through the 70’s. The films are true treasures of the golden age of surfing. We feel privileged to be able to show them at our Dana Point Shop, free of charge, with all generations of Brown fans.

“The films just fit here. They each showcase so much Hobie history, it’s so exciting to share them.” said Amanda Dunlap, Hobie Dana Point manager. “We want everyone in the community to feel welcome to come. Bring the family, your friends, a blanket, snacks. We will be showing each film on our big screen in the parking lot, on the first Wednesday of the month, in the order they were made, starting with ‘Slippery When Wet’ on November 5th, and ending with ‘On Any Sunday’ on June 3rd. We’ll have popcorn and treats too. And, of course, we will reach out to all the stars of the films and ask them to come.”

Dates :: 

November 5th – Slippery When Wet (1958)

December 3rd – Surf Crazy (1959)

January 7th – Surfin’ Shorts (1960)

February 4th – Barefoot Adventures (1960)

March 4th – Surfing Hollow Days (1961)

April 1st – Waterlogged (1962)

May 6th – The Endless Summer (1964)

June 3rd – On Any Sunday (1971)

Time ::   Shortly After Sundown, Call the Dana Point Shop for Exact Start Times for Each Showing. 949-496-2366

Location ::  Hobie Dana Point. 34174 Pacific Coast HWY. 92629. 949-496-2366



Hobie Surf Shops were founded in February 1954 by Hobie Alter. Dedicated to the idea of quality and innovation, the customer experience has always been our number one priority. We have 5 locations with deep roots serving the Orange County coastal communities. Come in and say ‘Hi!’ we love seeing you.


Bruce Brown Films (BBF) is a film production company created nearly 60 years ago that produced a number of lifestyle documentary films, the most notable of which being The Endless Summer (1964) and On Any Sunday(1971), which garnered an Academy award nomination for Documentary Feature. Today, BBF continues to provide its loyal fan base and general public with filmmaker BruceBrown’s classic films and associated images for current and future generations to cherish.


-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf :: Monday Motivation : The Hot Curl Session



The Hot Curl Session; You don’t surf the board, you just enjoy the ride!! 

Inspired by Jeff Quam’s soulful surfing style, 6 of us from Hobie Surf Shop asked to meet him at Doheny to try his mythical finless ‘Hot Curl’ surfboards. The boards are a trip!! Hand Crafted with loving attention by Josh Martin, they can only be ridden by trying not to ride them at all. There was a LOT of falling and a LOT of laughing as we all gave them our best go…. again, the boards worked the best when you stopped trying to ride them, and instead, let the board take you where it wanted to go. Thank you to Terry Martin, Josh Martin, Jeff Quam, Andy Cowell, and the lovely waters of Doheny for making this a session to remember. Enjoy!!



-Tracey Engelking