Hobie Surf :: OUTERKNOWN X HOBIE Beach Clean Up! Laguna Beach May 4th!!


Come one, come all to another Hobie X Outerknown Beach Clean up on Saturday, May 4th!! All ages, friends, and families welcome to participate!! We will meet at Hobie Surf Shop in Laguna at 9am. Coffee, cinnamon toast & Acai bowls will be served  to get us a little boost of cleaning energy!

Before we head to Main Beach at 9:30, we will have Ryan Hickman from Ryan’s Recycling, Lyndon from Outerknown and The Pacific Marine Mammal Center share a few words on who they are and how you can be involved in their shared mission for a clean ocean environment!! We’ll then head to the beach as a team and disperse with our buckets and pickers for a good old fashioned beach clean. Lyndon will be under an Outerknown pop up handing out bags, gloves and pickers if needed. He’ll also weigh all the bits and pieces of trash we cleaned up.

After the trash is weighed, and we are finished with our clean around 10:30am, we are gathering  back at the shop to relax to some live music from The 4 Stringerz, have a few more coffee/drinks/treats. Lyndon will share the weight of the trash collected and do a few epic raffles of Outerknown Gear and a premium membership to Surfline!!

Don’t miss out on your chance to help our ocean dwelling buddies live in a trash free home!! Spread the word & see you here!!


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