Hobie Shop :: The Vintage Aloha Collection at Hobie San Clemente

Coming Toady, Friday 8/19/16, to Hobie San Clemente, the latest additions to our Vintage Aloha Collection as curated and described by Craig Dunlap. This is an ongoing project that Craig is leading, so there will always be new additions of these kinds of gems hitting the shop. Check them all out now, then come shop before they are on someone else’s back!!



Now these aren’t your grandpa’s aloha shirts…But maybe they used to be! Here we’ve got a few examples of the classic ‘Safari Style’ aloha shirts made by Surfline Hawaii.  These things have got all the bells and whistles: Four flap-pockets, belted back, wooden buttons and even epaulets, all set on vintage barkcloth! Whether you’re on a surfin’ safari in West Africa, or observing the restless natives of Capo Beach at the #savageluau, you’ll be sure to discover a good time in one of these shirts!



Here we’ve got a few examples of the 1960’s ‘Duke Kahanamoku’ line by centenarian swimwear purveyor, Catalina.  Crafted in Hawaii with the telltale signs of premium aloha style: Genuine coconut buttons, loop collar and amazing midcentury patterns all on a tailored fit, medium-weight shirt.  It won’t matter whether you’re at a bonfire at Sano, or a swingin’ cocktail party at Jackie Treehorn’s beachfront pad in Malibu, these gems will say one thing… I’m here to party, and I’m gonna look good doing it!



Here we’ve got an offering that will crown you as the de facto ‘King of the Surf’: a matched 1960’s competition set by ‘Sears Sportswear’ that was made in the USA back when quality was the name of the game.  Heavy nylon, quality stitching and brass ‘Talon’ zippers will show everyone in the lineup that you’re gonna take first in your heat, and that you’ve got wave priority whether they like it or not!



Before there was Reyn Spooner, there was Reyn’s Men’s Wear.  Soon after Reyn Mcullough left his digs in Catalina for the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, he teamed up with Ruth Spooner, a local seamstress of surf trunks, to revolutionize “Aloha Wear’.  This is one of the earliest examples of his proprietary ‘Spooner Kloth’ which is the reverse print, poly/cotton blend that we now all associate with the Aloha Shirt.  Based on the post-Catalina, pre-Spooner label, this shirt was most likely handmade in the basement of the Ala Moana store somewhere between 1959 and 1964.



Close those eyes and transport yourself back to Oahu 1959. You’re sitting at the Shell Bar in the Hawaiian Village, listening to the exotic sounds of Martin Denny, sipping on a perfectly prepared Mai Tai.  The smell of lime and mint hit your nose just as Arthur Lyman’s vibraphone and Augie Colon’s bird calls hit your ears.  You look up, and what do you see? This shirt in all of its glory.  Wide-open collar, stylized pineapple print, ¾ sleeve zip-front with a pre-Spooner Reyn’s label (1959-1962).  Zip into this bad boy, kick back with a tropical beverage, and take it all in.  You’ve finally made it to the top!


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