Hobie History :: Hobie Needs YOU This Saturday, March 5th, 2016, at The Festival of The Whales Parade!!!



Calling ALL Hobie Team Members, Ambassadors, Staff, Family and Friends!! We need YOU at The Festival of Whales Parade in Dana Point on Saturday!!! Come hang out in front of our shop and support the building of the incredible 27′ life sized bronze statue of Hobie Alter flying his Cat! (see attached photo)

One of the Woodys from the SoCal Woody Club will be escorting a Hobie 14 in the parade. The Hobie Memorial Honorary Chairman, Wayne Schafer, will ride in the escort car. They’ll also have two more woodys, each filled with board members.

We want to have a major rooting section in front of our Hobie Dana Point Shop! It would be fun if we could get a HUGE group together to hoot and holler, and wave signs, as the Hobie 14 goes by. The parade ends by the shop and it is where The Memorial Committee will all gather afterwards to meet and chat with supporters and explain the statue!

There is no better home for iconic addition to the local art scape then in the community lawn by the store! This way locals and travelers alike can take a moment to be inspired by the works of this great man and our founding father! Spread the word! Gather your squad! See you Saturday March 5th at 10am, and don’t forget to wear your Hobie T or Team Jacket!!




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