Hobie Surf :: Monday Motivation : The Hot Curl Session



The Hot Curl Session; You don’t surf the board, you just enjoy the ride!! 

Inspired by Jeff Quam’s soulful surfing style, 6 of us from Hobie Surf Shop asked to meet him at Doheny to try his mythical finless ‘Hot Curl’ surfboards. The boards are a trip!! Hand Crafted with loving attention by Josh Martin, they can only be ridden by trying not to ride them at all. There was a LOT of falling and a LOT of laughing as we all gave them our best go…. again, the boards worked the best when you stopped trying to ride them, and instead, let the board take you where it wanted to go. Thank you to Terry Martin, Josh Martin, Jeff Quam, Andy Cowell, and the lovely waters of Doheny for making this a session to remember. Enjoy!!



-Tracey Engelking


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