Hobie Shop :: Beach Wedding Season is Here! And We Have Style Picks!!

Lovely!! pic by :: sanderling beach weddings.

Lovely!! pic by :: sanderling beach weddings.


The season is upon us…. SUMMER. Lovely, sun bleached, sizzling, summer…. salty kisses, dreamy day dates, coconut flavored…. sumer. And, what is more ‘Summer’ then a wedding at the beach??


We get invited to at least a few each July & August. We LOVE LOVE LOVE going to them. There is always something more sweetly easy about a seaside ceremony. Outdoors and airy…. with sounds of waves lapping the shore… just so romantic! But….. there is the one little issue…. what do you wear to one of these less formal affairs? You still want to look respectful, but a beach wedding really does call for something less stuffy then the obvious choices of stiff dresses and ties…


If you find yourself at a loss at what is appropriate styling, look no further then this blog post!! We put together 5 of our favorite looks that will get you through all your beachy nuptials in true Hobie style!! Everything pictured came right out of our stores, and, even better, almost all of it is up in our online shop at http://www.hobiesurfshop.com. You can click the highlighted item to view all it’s details. Don’t forget, we ship all over the world too! :)


Beach Wedding Style Pick #1

Beach Wedding Style Pick #1

Style Pick #1 ::

Our easiest pick of all is for an afternoon beach wedding on the sand! Keep it simple and stick to light fabrics in colors inspired by the sea. Maxi dresses that are breezy and men’s shirts with an Aloha Friday print are never a bad choice. Keep the accessories light too. A simple necklace and flat sandals will keep you from feeling weighted down. Don’t forget hats that keep your hair under control if the wind comes up, and make sure the brims are big enough to give sun protection too.


Jake :: RVCA ‘Fractured’ shorts, Brixton ‘Castor’ fedora, Hobie by Hurley ‘Pop Palm’ woven, and Hobie Polarized sunglasses.

Grace :: O’Neill ‘Tory’ dress **With pockets!!!, floppy beach hat, and necklace.


Beach Wedding Style Pick #2

Beach Wedding Style Pick #2


Style Pick #2 ::

Going to an evening ceremony? Does it call for ‘beach casual’ style?? That is always our hardest outfits to pick out. Our thoughts are to keep the prints at bay and choose solid fabrics with more structure and style. For ladies, we still like keeping the fabrics floaty, but go with something shorter and with a little extra detail, like an off the shoulder ruffle. and, obviously, you can never go wrong in basic black. Add in sparkle with a large bracelet. Keep the shiny jewelry away from your neck and ears, you still want to be casually dressed up, not heavily decorated. For the fellas, a collar shirt is mandatory. Just don’t wear a tie with it. You may want to lean a little more towards pants for an evening celebration, but if your shorts are tech and nice enough, you should be able to get away with these heat beating short pants! 


Jake :: Hurley ‘Dri-Fit’ Woven, Hurley ‘Dri-Fit’ Chino, Raen sunglasses, and Brixton ‘Castor’ fedora.

Emily :: Elan ‘Skinny Strap’ Dress, and sparkle bracelet.


Beach Wedding Style Pick #3.

Beach Wedding Style Pick #3.


Style Pick #3 ::

Going to a ‘dance until you drop’ beach party style wedding? Lots of kids, grandparents, big big crowd? Lot’s of great food, lot’s of huge laughs? A true multi generational union?? Then wear clothes that you can get down and cut a rug in. Trust us, no one is going to let you sit in your chair, you are going to be doing the ‘Chicken Dance’,  ‘The Hokey Pokey’, and ‘The Macarena’ till you  drop. Choose a style worthy of the longest conga line you can imagine! Fun patterns. Fun fabrics. Fun hair. Just Fun everything!! Don’t worry about jewelry, you’ll end up losing it when grandpa takes you for a spin to his favorite Pointer Sisters song. And, make sure your outfits are breathable, because at these kind of weddings, you’ll be in a food coma by the fourth course!


Jake :: Volcom ‘Weird-Oh’ woven, ROARK ‘Pladar’ shorts, ROARK ‘Okinawa’ hat, and Hobie Polarized sunglasses.

Jasmine :: Billabong ‘Enchanted Dayz’ dress, and Von Zipper sunglasses.


Beach Wedding Style Pick #4.

Beach Wedding Style Pick #4.


Style Pick #4 ::

Your friends invited you to join them as they say ‘I do!!’ at what you KNOW is going to turn into a raging all night party!! Lucky you! Keep your attire easy, comfortable, and ready to be thrown in the washer and dryer the next morning… well… late in the day… Ok, let’s be honest… chances are you are going to pass out in these clothes, and sleep loooooonnnngggg into the next day, so they better come from a brand known for its durability. Enter our picks from Vans for men and women. You’ll thank us for this pick in the morning, when your walk of shame looks more like a stride of pride! Oh, and do not forget the dark sunglasses… you are going to need them!


Tara :: Vans ‘Ava’ dress, Raen sunglasses, and check Vans.

Jake :: Vans ‘Wasco’ button-up, Vans ‘Excerpt’ chino, and Hobie Polarized sunglasses.



Beach Wedding Style Pick #5.

Beach Wedding Style Pick #5.


Style Pick #5 ::

Sads…. you didn’t get a plus one. What a bust. But don’t worry, dress nice enough and bring along a swanky gift, and you’ll be bound to leave with a new….um…. friend in tow! Since you are flying solo, you don’t have to do the matching outfit gig, but you do still want to look like you belong at the party. Go nautical easy with a blue & white horizontal stripe and a pair of Topsiders. Nothing is a more beach inspired look, then one that was born at sea! For a gift, choose a nice coffee table book. Our shops have a lot to choose from, and we will gladly wrap it for you too!

Connor :: Hobie by Hurley ‘Hermosa’ sweater, Billabong ‘New Order PX‘ shorts, Hobie Polarized sunglasses, Sperry Topsiders, ‘Hobie : Master of Water, Wind, and Waves‘ book, and ‘The Plight of the Torpedo People’ book.


Hopefully, our style picks will get you through all your friends weddings this summer! If you are still stuck, stop in. We love seeing you, and our team is ready to send you out looking good and feeling great!

-Tracey Engelking


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