Hobie Surf :: Hurley Surf & Enjoy Tour Comes to Hobie Corona Del Mar 6/ 7 /2014

Hurley + Hobie = Goodtimes!

Hurley + Hobie = Goodtimes!


Here are the details for the Hurley Surf And Enjoy event with Hobie Corona Del Mar, on 6/7/14.  

The event will be held at a VERY infamous break** (you will be psyched when Hurley announces the location on Saturday morning!!!) , and YES, it’s all ages.  Just sign the waiver at the beach then go have some fun!  The Surfing event is all ages, but, you have to be at least 13 years or older to win the raffle at the shop.  Hurley will have a solid crew that will be in attendance…Robbie Crawford, Pat “Punker” Towersey, Brad Ettinger, and Jason Rhodes along with local Hurley event staff!
  • AM Event, 9am-12pm at a beach to be determined!
    • Follow @hurley  on Twitter and Facebook for hints and tips on where to find the Hurley crew on Saturday morning in the Newport/Corona Del Mar. Meet up with the Hurley crew, surf with the athletes, get your surf photos taken, play games and have a chance to win prizes. If weather or waves are not cooperating, @hurley Twitter will direct you to another activity in the area where you will have a chance to win prizes and hang with Hurley team.


  • PM Event, 3-5pm in the Hobie CDM parking lot
    • 3pm Hurley Pro sweepstakes raffle… Winner receives a $350 shopping spree/gift card to spend on Hurley product at Hobie Corona Del Mar + enters the final round drawing for Hurley Pro trip — (HUGE!!!), parking lot games, athlete hang-out
    • Spend $25 on Hurley product and receive a free Surf And Enjoy Tour t-shirt





** UPDATE!!!! They announced the location……. It’s at WEDGE!!! YEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! 

-Tracey Engelking


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