Hobie Heart :: Life is Short, Just Wear the Bikini!! My Tips For a Banging Bikini Body!

** This article was originally published in March of 2012. With Spring exactly 2 weeks away, I dug it out, edited it, added to it, updated it, and felt it needed to be shared again. In the two years since it went up, my opinion on ‘JUST WEAR THE BIKINI’ has only gotten stronger! Life is short ladies, too short for hiding out inside. Enjoy, share, repost, then, get outside to the beach!!** 

I’m 40 years old.. and I do not have a glossy magazine “bikini body”. Not even close to one. I am one of the 85% of women who suffer from cellulite… evil evil cellulite!! That lumpy bumpy stuff that makes us cringe in the dressing room mirror. It runs a course from my butt all the way down to the back of my knees. Oh, from the front, I’m all good… but from the back, it is a whole nother story. A mine field of crevices, pits and even a varicose vein or two. Foxy?? Um…. well… Throw in a stretch mark or ten from having Blue (beloved child of your blogger) and you should be starting to feel me. Oh, and my legs do that thing that when I stop walking, they jiggle just a little too long to go unnoticed. The phrase “Yikes!” escapes my lips more than a few times during a bikini try on session, sometimes I even audibly gasp. OK, I mostly audibly gasp.



Right about now, you are thinking.. “I thought she was going to tell me how to get a banging bikini body??” Well… I was going to do just that today. I envisioned sharing lots of information about cardio, squats, diet, push ups, pull ups, yoga till you can tie yourself in a knot… but, seriously, that has been well covered on the internets. Like over a Billion articles kind of covered. The girls at Tone It Up are 100% my favorite to learn from, check them out, they truly inspire us ladies/girls to be the best YOU through proper nutrition and exercise. Same deal over at Mind, Body, Green. So many opportunities to get educated on getting fit online these days, and all for the price of an internet connection and a Pinterest account! So, what can I add to that abundant conversation, except for my own personal tips on how I got over the self created, emotionally self defeating, drama in my own head and start LoVING the way I look in a bikini…!! Outside even. Like wearing a bikini in public of all places…  ;) 



Tip one: Realize NO ONE sees your perceived flaws the way you see them. Let me say that again :: NO ONE sees your perceived flaws the way you see them. NO ONE. We as women have a tendency to hyper criticize ourselves. Like, way overboard, self criticism. We see things on our body that microscopes can’t pick up! The insane amount of cellulite I see on the backs of my legs, really can’t be that bad, because no one has ever physically recoiled in horror when I wear a bikini! My advice, STOP being so hard on yourself. You are 100x more fabulous than you think!



Tip two: Hang out at the beach with your friends and laugh tons! No matter how much weight I have gained or lost has ever made my friends stop hanging out with me or stop making me laugh. If you have a friend who is nit picking on your looks, ditch them. Good friends love you saggy bits and all. Good friends, also, will encourage you to get fit too, and go along with you! At least twice a week, my buddy Jen Holcomb and I will either go on coffee drinking beach walks or dawn patrol surf sessions. It is spirit lifting as well as metabolism boosting! A good man may be hard to find, but a good friend isn’t!! Surround yourself with as many as you can.



Tip three: Get a bikini for your body type. Find one that plays up all your best assets and camouflages the ones that don’t make your favorites list. Any of our five shops are a great place to shop for an ultra flattering style (I know, kind of a shameless plug! haha). Truly though, until I went to one of our Hobie staff swim training clinics, I always wore huge swaths of fabric in my bikini bottoms! Like, if there was a bikini version of a bee keepers suit, I was basically wearing that amount of coverage. I learned that all that fabric was making my butt, the area I wanted to hide the most, look WAY bigger than when I was coaxed into trying on a tiny bottom by Maaji…. I went from budding granny to Hottie Babe! You will be shocked by how much better you look in the proper cut, proper size, proper color, bikini. In other words, try it on… you never know!



Tip four: If your modesty level only allows for wearing a maximum coverage one piece, or if you are a girl who rocks the tiniest of eye patch bikinis with out care, smile and get yourself to the sand! We are all so blessed to be able to stand on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and dip our toes in. Don’t ever let the fear of swimwear stop you from enjoying this beautiful Earth. You will never get to the end of your life and be grateful you spent summers hiding your stretch marks inside. This is a Promise. Get out there!!!

I hope my tips help you get into the swim of things this spring and more importantly, into a bikini! If I can leave you just one last tip… a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson “Live in the Sunshine. Swim the Sea. Drink the Wild Air“. See you in the sand!!

-Tracey Engelking


7 thoughts on “Hobie Heart :: Life is Short, Just Wear the Bikini!! My Tips For a Banging Bikini Body!

  1. I have always been embarrassed by my body compaired to other young girls. I guess I have known allong but its nice to here other people have the same problem. This add makes me feel better about myself but that is what this add is supposed to do, so that makes this a very good add. So to the people who wrote this add 2 thumb’s up.

  2. Great sentiment but unconvincing. A few pictures of you or other normal people in normal bodies having a normal good time not obsessing about self image at the beach would go a lot farther than a skinny tan girl who has anything but the normal body of a woman in her 40s, or blurry children. You’re not really practicing what you preach in your choice of images.

    • Point well taken. I struggled with what images to use. When I originally published (in a different WP format) this article, I used 5 1920’s bathing suit images, but looking at it during the rewrite yesterday, they didn’t fit size-wise anymore, and, also, didn’t fit the update as well. So I chose new images with inspirational quotes. Didn’t even think about the lone shot of a girl in a bikini as a standard shot. Though I TOTALY should have, I just really liked how happy she is and colorful. I also was thinking of using shots of my own cellulite, and myself at the beach… but I was told I didn’t have ‘enough’ to seem authentic… which is odd, since my cellulite is VERY authentically present up and down my legs.
      Thank you for taking time to read my post. And for writting. I really do mean every word I wrote, and I do my best in my personal and public life to encourage every female I encounter to live her best life, enjoy each day, and wear the bikini! :)

      Tracey Engelking

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