Hobie Shop :: Laguna Beach ‘Patriot’s Day Parade’, Now with More Shave Ice!!

“The Home of the Free Because of the Brave ”

“The Home of the Free
Because of the Brave ”


The 48th annual Laguna Beach ‘Patriot’s Day Parade’ will make it’s way through the city on Saturday March 1st at 11am!! The theme of the parade is ‘The Home of the Free Because of the Brave’**. It’s a fantastic community wide celebration with all kind of fun, and we can’t wait to be part of it again this year!!!!

Along side all the floats, vintage cars, school bands, wild costumes, civic and veterans organizations that are sure to march, we will have our own entry into the parade again this year. We don’t want to give too much away, but… think green, a little white ball, and fore. ;) Since we are celebrating our 60th birthday all this year, expect a few extra surprises. Oh, and the rain will not be stopping our good time. As of this minute, the parade is a 100% GO. But…. if, and it’s a big IF, the parade gets called because of the weather, all our inside the store plans will still be Game On. And what are those in store plans, you ask???

Tasty Shave Ice From Olukai!! Yum!!!

Tasty Shave Ice From Olukai!! Yum!!!

We are partnering with our friends at Olukai to bring you sweet sweet delicious extra super special sauce tasty, Shave Ice!! From 12-2pm on Saturday enjoy a free shave ice served up in our Laguna Beach Hobie shop, while supplies last (about 200 servings!! So, you should be all good!). When you are in, you can try on a pair of their crazy comfortable sandals inspired by the brightly colored shave ice. Olukai makes some of the best, most durable, footwear around. They are always a top customer pick. We are stoked they are coming in to help make this Laguna Beach tradition an even more inviting one!! Yea Olukai!!

The Rain Would Have to Get Biblical to Stop the Guy From Marching!

The Rain Would Have to Get Biblical to Stop the Guy From Marching!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. To find all the up to the minute information about the parade, please look to the site www.lagunabeachparade.org Remember even if the Parade has to be rescheduled, we are still on for a date with Olukai and their magical shave ice machine. :)

-Tracey Engelking

** a little more on the theme for 2014 Patriot’s Day Parade…

 “Americans cherish freedom, but all too often we do not reflect how this came to be.  We honor those brave men and women in uniform who have given their lives in our defense through our 238-year history as a nation.  We should also remember those who risked all to gain so many other freedoms that have become part of our Constitution.  We also revere those who fought for our right to speak openly, to assemble without fear, to end slavery, to have a right to vote, for the right to personal privacy, and so many other privileges that we enjoy today in the ‘home of the free’.” 


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