Hobie Heart :: Kings Club Barbershop ‘Rise From the Ashes’ Fundraiser at Hobie Dana Point Saturday Feb. 22nd

Come by, bring your friends, bring your family!!!

Come by, bring your friends, bring your family!!!

If you’re local to Dana Point, then by now you have heard that our good friends and neighbors, The Kings Club Barbershop, lost a substantial amount of their shop to a fire on January 19th. An electrical fire in the front wall quickly spread and basically devoured everything inside. Thanks to top notch work by the Fire Department, this thing didn’t get a chance to get out of control, and, more fortunate, no one was hurt. In total, the fire caused approximately $250,000 in damages. About all that was salvageable was one of the three antique barber chairs. However, it will need a major overhaul from a specialized craftsman to be anything resembling a chair again. The rest was either turned to ash, or so damaged by smoke and water, as to deem it worthless. Sad. Actually, very sad, considering the years of collecting that went into filling the shop with curiosities from around the world. Not to mention the loss of their barbering tools…. the worst, right?

Instead of standing on the sidelines and feeling like there isn’t a way to help, we are going to do what we as a Dana Point community do best. We are going to get together and show these locals some love and have a great time while we do it!! Join us on Feb 22nd from 3-8 at our Dana Point Hobie Surf Shop for a fundraiser to get the Club back up and running! Live music from Vinnie and the Hooligans and Live Oak Revue all day. A MASSIVE, not to be missed, raffle. No joke, this thing is going to get wild! It features three (yup, 3!!) surfboards. Boards are graciously donated by Donald Brink, Ryan Engle, and Gary Larson. Gary and Ryan will also be doing a live surfboard shaping demo. Other donated raffle items include an autographed Magic Johnson jersey,  a year worth of hair cuts from Kings Club, books from Surfers Journal, shoes from Vans, and tons prizes like backpacks, leashes, boardbags, sunglasses, and more from brands like Von Zipper, DePalma, DaKine, Stance ect. We’ll have a limited edition Kings Club Tee available to purchase, and all kinds of special surprises. Entrance to the event is free for the whole family, but there is a small charge for food (tacos served up by the crew at Schwack) and drinks. We’ll also have a place to make an anonymous donation to Kings Club if you so choose. Every dollar raised from the raffle, food, and Tee sales goes directly to the rebuilding.

A little peek at just a few of the 25+ prizes being raffled off!!

A little peek at just a few of the 25+ prizes being raffled off!!

Come down, it’s promised to be a good time for the whole family. Spread the word, and let’s come together as a community! Also, thanks to Salon Revelation owner Dayna Dallas, you can get all your ‘Kings Club Barbershop’ needs met by the guys at her shop. They are working out of her salon while they rebuild. Call 949.496.4644 to make an appointment, or call the same number if there is anything you would like to donate that would make a GREAT raffle item.  See you Saturday!!

-Tracey Engelking

*Feel free to share this blog post in it’s entirety on your own platform, spread the word!!


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