Hobie Shop :: All New Hobie by Hurley!!

Click the Photo to Shop Our Entire Hobie by Hurley Collection Online at hobiesurfshop.com

Click the Photo to Shop Our Entire Hobie by Hurley Collection Online at hobiesurfshop.com

All NEW and in for Spring!!! Tons of crazy good style from Hobie by Hurley! I know we aren’t supposed to toot our own horn, but, SERIOUSLY, Hurley is killing it with this line inspired by our brand!


When the team at Hurley picked up the clothing license a few years ago, I was wondering how they were going to integrate the Hobie ‘easy breezy, beachy oceany’ lifestyle we live, with Hurley’s ‘futuristic, technologically beyond, forward break neck moving, Astronaut uniform worthy’ minimalist style concepts. In my worst nightmares of what it could be, I imagined some bizarre two piece high designed, no seemed, sailor suit that resembled something straight out of Cirque d Sole… something very shiny, and liquid looking. Why I would ever think this, that something terrible would come out of the brains of the people who brought us the greatest boardshorts to ever be boardshorts since Birdwell Britches, the Phantom Series, is anyones guess… I probably eat too much candy before bed… or I read too much Science Fiction….. Could be all the Star Trek LARPing I do on the weekends…

….Anyway…. Back to the Spring styles! What Hurley did give us with the Hobie by Hurley line, is a perfect capture of the past brought into present production.  They kept the ease of the life we live and move it into the now with better cuts, better fabrics, better stitching, and better colors. Perfect example of the lines strength is  The Solid State Boardshort. It is EVERYTHING. Coming in at an over the knee length, and available in 11 colors, it becomes the go to staple piece in your beach wardrobe. The stripes on the side give it just enough flavor to make it modern, with out going overboard into the fashion world. They definitely chose perfect colors to add to the line up, with mint, royal blue, and white! The Joey Short Sleeve Aloha Friday is another favorite. The floral print is bananas!! Tight little dizzy flowers somehow work perfectly in the navy and mustard colors. The fabric can take a beating, no iron necessary. Throw it in the washer and dryer with nary a care in the world. It’s an easy style to add into the Aloha Friday collection in your closet. We LOVE this line, and can’t wait for you to come in and check it out!!

***To give you a gander at what the Spring Line looks like, we enlisted Kris, from our San Clemente Shop, and Cameron, from our Corona Del Mar Shop, to model for you! Click on any of the highlighted items below, and shop them right now in our online store at www.hobiesurfshop.com  or come into any of our five brick and mortar Hobie Surf Shop locations to see them all. Enjoy!!


-Tracey Engelking



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