Hobie Shop :: Vinnie & The Hooligans LIVE at San Clemente Hobie!!!!!


Start the Holiday Season Off Right…..

We are going to keep this one short & simple….

You like Brixton??

You like Bluegrass??

You like Folk??

You like the Holidays??

Then this night is for you! Join Hobie + Brixton + Vinnie & The Hooligans on Saturday the 30th of November at our shop as the city of San Clemente presents “Putting on the Glitz“. The band starts at 6pm, the beer goes till it’s gone. Come down and start your holidays off right!!

Here is a little Vinnie to get you ready…

Vinnie & The Hooligans

Vinnie & The Hooligans

We are very happy to present this video of our original song “To the Grave”. This was recorded, unplugged,  on the rooftop of Coach House in San Juan. We would like to give a big thank-you to our friend Mitch Fait with Trick Pony Productions for his hard work in pulling this together for us.
We hope you enjoy, and if you like this awesome roof top jam, come see us at one of our shows! Folk Yea!

-Vinnie & the Hooligans

Vinnie and the Hooligans take cues from bluegrass, rock n’ roll, alternative, blues and all sounds American to create a gritty, rootsy sound that you can’t help but stomp your boot to. We are a string band from Orange County, Ca. Five fine men providing music for the working class.

Vince Vinnie Carlini – Guitar and Vocals
Miguel “Ralphie” –  Stand Up Bass
Maxwell the Barber –  Mandolin/Fiddle/Violin/Slide Guitar
All-American Scotty –  Being a Boss and Accordion
Mike Pham, “Phamuel” –  Banjo

-Tracey Engelking


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