Hobie Heart :: Bob Driver’s Poem on Winter at Doheny…

Glorious Doheny... photo from OC Exclusives.

Glorious Doheny… photo from OC Exclusives.

A little poem from a good friend….Bob Driver 

As the swell of transition has eclipsed to Fall/Winter and caused Dohney to enter her yearly hibernation… I felt the need to write a poem… (My inner 4th Grader/Grom felt the need)

Oh how I hate Dohney State Park

Yet each spring comes and tugs at my heart

With warm summer swells from far to the south

She calls me and draws me without a doubt

Sneaking her glimpse from a break-watery way

I plot to overtake her kookness away

Yet few plans do win, my take-offs a many

In search of a bygone point, a Killer as of any

Many friends I have made who share this cursed love

Some caught in the shallows of Boneyard’s beloved

Others stay north of Juan’s sainted creek

And dream of her second and deep rocky reef

Where only the wise chose to charm her grace

Low they must stay to take and make

My slider’s heart she keeps on a leash

Till spring’s southern lines beckon relief

With sirens a cresting and baying me back

Dohney is breaking…



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