Hobie History :: Throwback Thursday : 1961 Hobie Longboard…

We were drifting around on the internet today and stumbled upon this gem!! From www.benjamincurran.com **WE ARE IN NO WAY ENDORSING THE AUTHENTICITY OR PRICE OF THIS BOARD** We just liked it, and wanted to share it. :)

For the surf collector…..

Originally bought in 1961 at the Hobie Surf shop in Belmar, New Jersey.
It’s a 10’7, glassed on single D fin, with next to no rocker. A pig outline, with a rounded, square tail, and a solid 1″Balsa wood stringer running the length of the board.

Weighing in at approx 30 pounds, this board is not water logged, and has minimal wear. I would give it a strong 6/10. There are some heel dents, and a few repaired dings, but over all, it’s in very good condition.

Dimensions: 10’7 X 24″X 2.75″ (16-17″nose)
Condition: 6-7/10
Price: $1000


2 thoughts on “Hobie History :: Throwback Thursday : 1961 Hobie Longboard…

  1. It’s up for sale, but I’ll probably end up keeping it! I had a blast catching everything last week-end in Maine. I would appreciate any information regarding this board. It has no serial number. Thanks!

    • Stoked you are riding it!!!

      Nothing makes us happier than to know they are in the water doing their jobs and catching every wave that rolls through! As for information on it, can’t offer too much. You can call up our shop in San Clemente (949-542-3355) ask for Kris or Andy and they might be able to tell you a few more things… but, if you like it, and it rides well, our advise is always to keep it and enjoy it. They were made to be ridden. :)

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