Hobie Heart :: Halloween Costumes from Your Surf Gear

Have a Very Hobie Halloween!

Have a Very Hobie Halloween!

We are two days out from Halloween, and, let’s be honest, you know that you destroyed the costume you partied in over the weekend. You lost half your set of angel wings, your Miley Cyrus  foam finger is no where to be found, you left your fuzzy banana costume on the beach, and you are stressssssing on what to wear. Never fear, you’re a surfer!! Your closet is already chock full-o-trick-or-treat-amazingness! Here are our 6 easiest picks that you can assemble in minutes!

Star Trek Uniform Made Out of an Old Wetsuit :: 


If you owned this, you would be the CHILLEST evahhhhhh!

Everyone I know has a hoard of gross, worn out, seen better days, unusable, salt encrusted, wetsuits. Here is your chance to repurpose one into the SICKEST costume! (Note :: I am a massive Star Trek fan, and in my world, there is no better way to dress for Halloween other than as Spock. He trumps all!) All you need to do is grab a little paint, get artsy on your thinnest old fullsuit, and copy this iconic design. You will also lose massive amounts of water weight wearing this all night. So, not only will you look good while you are ringing door bells, you will be Fitting into Your Jeans by Friday!

The Web Surfer :: 


why have I never thought of this??!

Listen, you can lie to yourself all you want, but you know deep down in the farthest reaches of your jaded surfer soul, that this costume is bomb clever! Get your boogie (stop lying, we all have at least one!!), a pack of spider webs, and a keyboard (it’s one of those things we used to type on before iPads and Smartphones). You will for sure make more than a few people smile!

Spicoli :: 


All I need are some tasty waves….

Easiest costume ever for anyone with long surfy hair. Jump in the ocean and get all salty to add to the authentic vibe. However, Do Not EVEN think about doing this costume with out the bagel and the check Vans. It would be blasphemous. If you’re lucky, you can get a buddy to dress up as Mr. Hand. He can carry around cards all night ripping them as you lament “You’re ripping my card….” you will easily be able to ferret out which of your friends truly knows the movie if they get this quote.

For the Kids, Bethany Hamilton and the Shark :: 


Too soon??

Ok, in all honesty, this is a tad bit on the tasteless side… ok, realllllllyyyy on the tasteless side. BUT, if your kids are cute enough, and your heart is in the right Halloween space, we say Do It! You will have to have a shark costume in your closet, so maybe this one doesn’t 100% fit into our ‘costumes from your closet’ theme, but whatever, we’ll assume you have one.  Make a little cardboard surfboard with a bite out of it, tuck your daughters arm into her wetsuit, throw shakas all night, and hope no one calls child protective services. ;)

The Tourist :: 


Wait… was this even a costume??

This could be the laziest, and easiest one of all of them… The Tourist. Put on your loudest Aloha Friday shirt, pull up the white socks and cram your sandals on, carry around passes and maps to Disney and Sea World, thickly apply Zinc Oxide, put on the bucket hat and call it a day.

The Silver Surfer :: 

Ohhhhh.... shiny!

Ohhhhh…. shiny!

Is there a more iconic surfer costume than The Silver Surfer?? You don’t need to get all fancy and purchase silver body paint. Just grab all the aluminum foil in your house and start taping it on. Sure, by the end of the night your will be missing at least 80% of your costume, but no one will forget you… especially the internet!

Happy Halloween!!!!!! 

-Tracey Engelking


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