Hobie Heart :: The Hobies ‘Out the Door’



I get a lot of “stuff” sent to my inbox… and I’m ashamed to say, I don’t always get through it all in the timeliest of fashions. Or, more honestly, sometimes not at all. If your email is unopened after a month or so, a group of nano sized web Lilliputians crawl through my inbox deleting things wily nilly. Occasionally, though, I am a girl who is on the ball and I open things ontime and find the rarest of birds hanging out in my received folder. So was the case with this little gem of a song sent over by the band “The Hobies“. I know absolutely not one single thing about this band other than, they obviously have great taste in band names, and that I CAN NOT get this catchy song out of my head.


So, if you send me something to either my tracey@hobie.com or to hobiesurfshop@gmail.com, and I’m a little slow on the uptake, either send it again or forgive my slownessosity, eventually I’ll get to it…


Thank you The Hobies for sending this along, good luck with the record (do people still call them that??), and especially thank you for giving me a good ‘stuck on a loop in my brain song’  to sing while stuck inside on this chilliest of Wednesday afternoons!


-Tracey Engelking



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