Hobie Shop :: A Look Inside Hobie Surf Shop in San Clemente

Hobie Surf Shop on the Camino Real Corner in San Clemente

Hobie Surf Shop on the Camino Real Corner in San Clemente

We told you a few weeks ago that we were giving our San Clemente shops new identities. Making a mens specific surf shop up on the corner of Camino Real and Del Mar (100 South El Camino Real – San Clemente) and creating, a first of it’s kind, women’s surf boutique on the block of Del Mar (151 Avenida Del Mar – San Clemente). We couldn’t be more stoked about the results!

Our men’s shop is filled with all the softgood brands you have come to expect from us… like, ROARK, Patagonia, RVCA, Brixton, Hobie by Hurley, Volcom, Katin, Quiksilver, Billabong, Hurley, ect. Plus, Adrienne, our men’s buyer, is busy looking for more unique brands that you can’t find anywhere else. As far as our hard goods/ surfboards go, Trevor, our hard good guru, is knocking it out! Over 40 surfboards by Hobie, DXTR, Donald Brink, Tyler Warren, Gary Larson, and Josh Martin are loaded in, with more shapes on the way. Custom orders have been being taken daily, and we are blown away by the quality of work that is coming in and out the door.  Andy Cowell and Kris Carlow have been doing an insane job of working with the Hobie Surfboard builders to bring you the best rides from the past and present, and beyond future designs too. Boards change almost daily, so make sure you stop in often.

Aside from the boards and clothes, the shop has a huge growing wetsuit section, boogies and beaters, waterhawks and handplanes, watches and wallets, sandals and sneakers, and even a section of beach necessities like Hobie towels, chairs, and the ultra beloved, bocce. We are still, and always will be, a beach living and loving surf shop for all generations. All things sand and water.

Below Kris gives you a video tour, and we added in some photos too to give you an idea of what we are up to. In the next two weeks, we will give you a tour of the Surf Boutique!

We kept some of the boards a secret… but Kris shows you everything else in our newly redesigned Men’s Surf Space on the corner of Camino Real and Del Mar streets in San Clemente, California.


A little gallery…


Come on by and say hi, we love seeing you! Don’t forget to ask about custom order boards too!


-Tracey Engelking


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