Hobie Surf :: Rachael Tilly Represents the USA at The ISA World Longboard Championships

Team USA!!!!!!

Team USA!!!!!!

If you hear “GO RACHAEL!!!!!!!” being bellowed out over the next few days, it’s because the amazing Rachael Tilly must be in the water at the ISA WLC (International Surfing Association World Longboard Championships) in Peru. Rachael is part of a small team of American surfers, led by head coach Ian Carins,  tasked with representing the USA in and out of the water in the contest.

A total of 22 nations have sent teams to rip at the reeling left point break at Huanchaco, and at 15 years old, we think Rachael must be one of if not the youngest competitor there. Don’t let her age fool you, though. As a sophomore at San Clemente High School, she is at the top of her class academically. Still, even with the pressures of studies, she finds time to surf, sail, volunteer, be a fantastic big sister, and have one of the most goofy happy personalities of any 15 year old we have met.  Oh… and she RIPS on a board. Winning so many titles they require a separate room in her house to store them all (ok, kidding, but she has won a TON!).

Riding boards inspired from originals shaped and designed by herself and the late Terry Martin, they sport shiny fancy red, white and blue stripes! Terry’s son Josh has taken over the duties of fine tuning Rachael’s boards (you can buy your own Rachael Tilly model longboards from us at Hobie Surf Shops!) and if her first heat is any indication, she placed 1st, they are working extremely well in the waves. We’ll be watching all week and cheering her on to a much hoped for gold medal! We included a few links below for the contest, and a couple of our favorite You Tube clips of Rachael surfing! Enjoy and GO RACHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!

You can follow the heat times/results HERE.

Watch the event LIVE over the next five days HERE :: ISA WLC LIVE.

Learn all about the ISA WLC, rules, scoring, inspirations, and the organizers :: HERE

Rachael Tilly for Team USA

Rachael Tilly for Team USA

Published on Feb 2, 2013

Kaitlin Maguire and Rachael Tilly sufing Chuch

Uploaded on Sep 30, 2011

World, meet Rachael Tilly. Rachael, meet the world. But really, this introduction is hardly necessary as Rachael continues to solidify herself in the professional longboard world. She’s been the Scholastic Surf Series longboard champion for two years in a row (this year she was also the finalist with the highest GPA, garnering her the Scholarship Award), the Western Surfing Association champion in the under 14 division two years in a row and just this past weekend she came in third at the East Coast Championships, bringing her within two spots of her goal of being the youngest competitor on tour. She rips, she’s smart, she’s adorable, she plays the viola — um, can we keep her?

-Tracey Engelking


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