Hobie Shop :: San Clemente Stores Get Defined Identities!!

under  construction.... be back Wednesday!

under construction…. be back Wednesday!

After a few years of trying to “Have it All!” at both of our San Clemente Hobie Surf Shop locations, we have decided to revamp/remodel both locations and give them 100% defined identities!! And the crowd goes “Wooooooooooo!!!!” Yes, finally, no more looking for TOMS in one location and dresses in another. No more boards in the Del Mar location, but mens boardshorts on the Camino Real corner. Going forward, as of Wednesday, the Del Mar shop will serve as a surf boutique, with everything a surfing or non surfing beach girl could desire, including the latest in female specific boards & wetsuits! The Camino Corner will cater to men and kids, and, of course, all surfers, but don’t worry, it will still be the perfect place to shop for ladies too, as all our Hobie Shops always are!!

Hobie on Del Mar... about half way done...

Hobie on Del Mar… about half way done…


Here are a few pictures to give a little hint at what is to come… I specifically left out the new board area at the Camino corner shop, because I want it to be a surprise!! They look AMAZING!!!! We’ll have a big reveal blog post on Friday with all the details, brands, and what to find where…. or… come on in Wednesday morning and see it all in person!



-Tracey Engelking


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