Hobie Shop :: Your Endless Summer Sale Survival Guide from Whitney Rose!


The Hobie Endless Sumer SALE!!!!

Whitney Rose, our beloved Laguna Beach manager, helps you navigate our Endless Summer Sale! She gives you all the tips you need to make it your best sale experience. I’ll even give you a few of my own tips too at the end. Enjoy!!!

This year will be my 13th sale working for Hobie, a company that over the years has become my family. I started in high school, and spent my first sale lost in a mountain of bikini go-backs (go backs, by the way, build character) :). I have since graduated to more challenging tasks but I can’t help getting a little nostalgic seeing our high school staffers daunted by that same mountain. I have witnessed this sale grow from a respectable little event to the epic deal-busting extravaganza it is today. It’s more than just a sale, it’s a tradition. It is a way for us to say thank you to all of our customers for their constant patronage and support. We value our locals and love the fresh faces of our tourists. Hobie is a mix of innovation and rich history.  We strive to keep the tradition of our sale alive but are always looking for ways to raise the bar: ways to make it bigger, better, and of course more convenient for you. So come in, shop (be sure to hit up the 70% off rack), have fun, and be a part of our tradition.

Need help at the sale?? just look for this shirt! We are here to make it a fantastic experience for you!

Need help at the sale?? Just look for this shirt! We are here to make it a fantastic experience for you!

Whitney’s tips for a successful Hobie Endless Summer Sale:
1. Be sure to grab a big blue shopping bag. This way your hands will be free for…….. What else? More shopping! :) 

2. We put new stuff out almost every day so don’t be sad if you don’t make the first day (we got your back). 

3. If the line looks long, trust us, it goes fast. We have it down to a science at this point. 

4. Mornings tend to be the most crowded so maybe make it a late afternoon or early evening outing. 

5. We have stuff for the entire family so be sure to bring them all.

6. Stock up on your Hobie tees; they are always a great deal.

7. The sale is great for back to school shopping. 

8. If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be easy to spot in our bright turquoise shirts. 

9. Sunglasses are also a great sale item purchase. They never really go on sale any other time of the year. 

10. Have fun!! 

-Whitney Rose

Tracey’s Tips For a Successful Endless Summer Sale :: 

1. Try and wear an outfit that you can try items on over. Think workout capris and a sports bra with a t over and sandals. Nothing worse than waiting 20 minutes to try on one sweater.

2. Eat a hearty fulfilling meal before coming, and make sure the kids are fed too… you might shop longer than you thought.

3. The sale can be really stressful for our first year staff (let’s be honest, it can be tough on even our most seasoned staff!)…. try and show the team some love while you shop! We try and meet and exceed all expectations, but if we fall short, take it in stride and give us another chance.

4. This is the BEST sale to stock up on basics and ‘go to’ items.. think backpacks, rack pads, pocket knifes, plain T’s, watches, boardshorts.

5. Come ready to have a good time with your Hobie Family! We love this sale just as much as you do!!

-Tracey Engelking


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