Hobie Shop :: “The Dress” Giveaway Winner!!!!!!


<3 We Love This Dress!!!

We love a good giveaway!! We try and do one a month on our @hobiesurfshop Instagram for all our awesome followers! You all BLOW us away with your fun creative entries, and our “The Dress” giveaway was no exception. This dress (pictured above, and styled HERE) looks good on EVERYONE! It flies out of our stores as fast as it comes in……


Easy, simple, stretchy, comfortable, beachy perfection in tons of colors!! Not to mention that you probably don’t need to wear a bra/bandeau under it because of it’s magical supportive crisscross bodice…. and, oh, this is such a good ‘and’, it perfectly drapes the belly/thigh/butt area to make you look like all you do all day is hit the gym! In, other words, it looks good on EVERYONE!!! Pick up your own in all five Hobie Surf Shop locations! If you don’t live local, ring us up at one of the shops and we will be glad to get one into the mail and shipped off to you!

So…. who won and how do we pick a winner??!!! To pick our winner, we randomly scroll through the entries and put our finger on one. We check the profile to make sure it’s a real account and not a spam bot (which, Really?!! So shocked by how many of them are out there!!) and if it’s a legit account, they are our winner!!!! We post a comment on their photo letting them know they won, and as soon as we make contact, we announce them as the winner!! SooooOOoooo….. who won???!!!!

Congratulations to @mmhodge!!!

Winner!!!!!!! Congratulations @mmhodge!! We LoVE the wedding toast picture!!! <3 <3

Winner!!!!!!! Congratulations @mmhodge!! We LoVE the wedding toast picture!!!

Yea!!!! We loVED looking through her Instagram! Full of great family pictures and a great life!! Plus, we died looking at her wedding toast pic! Too funny!! Make sure you check our Instagram often, every day we post pictures and videos of the Hobie Lifestyle! Enjoy your “The Dress” @mmhodge and thank you again to all who entered!!

-Tracey Engelking


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