Hobie Surf :: “My Goal is to Make People Happy in the Water” -Terry Martin

Terry Martin has been playing and shaping in the Lord’s Eternal Kingdom for a year now….  A year. A year past with out our friend, our mentor, and our inspiration for living a proper life…..

The Machine.

The Machine.

We miss our friend. That won’t ever change, but we know that Terry wouldn’t want us to sit around and be sad. Terry would want us to be out surfing… riding waves with our friends and hooting with laughter! If you are lucky enough to be in possession of one of the 80,000+ surfboards he handcrafted over the years, Put it in the Water!! Terry made boards to be ridden by everyone from a brand new beginner catching his or her first wave, to the best of the best surfers in the world. He didn’t make things for people to hang on the wall, he made things to glide down the line!

Grab your friends, grab your boards, grab some waves… build a bonfire at the beach this weekend, and tell your best “Big Fish” stories of the waves you have ripped on a Terry Martin board, and better yet, tell your best Terry Martin stories too…

-Tracey Engelking


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