Hobie Shop :: Ten Questions for Shevon Franz

From time to time we like to give you an inside look at a member of our team here at Hobie Surf Shop!! This week we profile Shevon Franz. She is a lifeguard with Orange County Lifeguards and she is a manager of the San Clemente Hobie Surf Shop.

Shevon Franz

Shevon Franz

HOBIE : Give us a little background, where are you from, where did you go to school, ect…? 

Shevon : I was born in Laguna Beach at South Coast Hospital. I grew up in Dana Point and San Clemente. From K-4th grade I went to school in San Clemente, then my family moved back to Dana Point and I finished through High School there. I went to Saddleback College for a bit.

I had a job in a DR’s office year round when I was 16, but when I became a lifeguard, I let that go. So working only in the summer as a guard gave me all winter to be a beach bum at SanO…. literally. I would be surfing all day, and then I’d be scrounging for change to fill my gas tank so I could go back the next day… haha! I did apply to Hobie twice back then, but they didn’t hire me!!




HOBIE : OK, so we didn’t hire you right away.. when did you start working for Hobie, and what was your first job with us? 

Shevon : I started in 2002 in Laguna Beach, Courtney hired me. I worked in the boards -surf and skate- I was, at the time, the only girl at the company who could put together a skateboard…. I was the Tom Boy.

HOBIE : What is your first Hobie memory? 

Shevon : Walking into the Original Hobie Shop on Coast Highway in Dana Point and buying my first pair of Flojos sandals. They were white and had a criss cross strap. I think they were on sale. They were in a bucket in the middle of all these surfboards. I remember they had this really small women’s section…. like three bikini styles, three tee’s and some Flojos.

Baby Shevon... always in a bikini! <3

Baby Shevon… always in a bikini! <3

HOBIE : You are one of, if not our best bikini salesperson, what makes gravitate to our bikini customer, and what makes you SO successful at helping them find the perfect look?

Shevon : I love the bikini customer! I want to make them feel sexy on the beach at every age. I want to help them find a suit that makes them feel confident. Swim, for some women, doesn’t do that. With swim, it’s intimidating, some women have a fear of it, and they shouldn’t. It really makes me happy to see someone leave, and I know they are fulfilled.

HOBIE : What is your #1 tip for girls when they come in to look for a new bikini?

Shevon : Find a style that makes YOU feel confident to walk on the beach… it’s not about the latest trends, it’s about what makes you feel like you look sexy.

HOBIE : What is your biggest bikini “Don’t”? 

Shevon : Having too much fabric in the back. If it’s hanging or covers too much, it makes you look bigger. The more fabric, the bigger the bum looks, trust me. (ED Note: Ok, I know ladies, I did not believe her either. I believed that the best way to cover my… um.. not so small behind was to swath it in as much coverage as possible, and I was WRONG! Shiv is right, it was only making me look bigger, so give a bitsy bottom a try, you will probably LoVE it!!)

Ready!!!! She will not let you drown!!

Ready!!!! She will not let you drown!!

HOBIE : You are a lifeguard with Orange County Lifeguards. How long have you been a guard and what makes you keep going back even with your busy schedule? 

Shevon : I became a guard in 2001 and started with the Orange County Junior Guards program, but I had to wait three seasons until I could take the responsibility for the 45 kids at the beach. I did Junior Guards for six summers and now I’m a tower guard at County and Private beaches.

I stay because it’s a very fulfilling job and I love the people I work with…. and… you’re at the beach! Who could complain about that?

HOBIE : Your sister, Tara, also works for Hobie, what is it like to work for the same company? 

Shevon : We have a rule that we don’t talk work – unless it’s something really traumatic and she needs advise. We’ve kept things separate.

The Franz Family!

The Franz Family!

HOBIE : What do you love about working for Hobie? 

Shevon : The family aspect of our company and the lifestyle. I grew up with Hobie, and I always wanted to work for them. Always.

HOBIE : If you had your life to live over again, and you could change one thing, what would it be?

Shevon : I would travel more!

HOBIE : Thanks Shiv!! I’ll make sure we send all our bikini loving ladies to you for help this season! 

Shevon : Do it!! haha!

-Tracey Engelking


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