Hobie Surf :: Blogger Vacation : Top Ten Favorite Blog Posts Part 1

No Big Deal... I'll be Here While You Read This!!

No Big Deal… I’ll be Here While You Read This!!

AhhhHhhhOoooOooooOoooo…. SPRING BREAK!!!! Not to name drop, but while you are reading this I will be on my way with my family to The Grand Canyon, yes, not just a regular Canyon, but a GRAND Canyon!! To say I’m excited is just about the biggest understatement since understatements have been around…! Can Not wait!! If I could take you all with me, I would, but since I can’t  I don’t want to leave you hanging from your regular scheduled reading of our Hobie Surf Shop blog. So, I have compiled some of my favorite blog posts of the past year. Click on the highlighted words to view the post, they are in no particular order. We will have five today, and five on Friday. Andy will have a board of the week post on Wednesday, and we will of course have a throwback Thursday too! Have a fantastic week, and don’t forget to do a little wandering of your own! Enjoy!!

First Up :: Rob Pelkey Won the California Waterman Championship, and we got the whole company to hold up goofy signs to congratulate him!

Second :: Gary Larson Explains Why the Sky is Blue in one of our most viewed blog posts ever!! Get a little learning done!

Third ::  A Goodbye to Blackballs and a Hello to Locals Summer… In other words, the exciting day when our beloved, but sometimes lingering tourists go home and we reclaim the sand. 

Fourth :: Mark Christy’s End of Year Letter of Thanks. 

Fifth :: Donny Brink’s BEAUTIFUL Tribute Movie on Terry Martin…. A must watch Over and Over and Over Again.

And, for no reason other than it makes me laugh every time I see it, SANUK’s S**t Surfers’ Say…

*Favorite line :: “I feel like a pelican….”

-Tracey Engelking


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