Hobie Shop :: BoardShort Week Day Five!! : Employee Picks!

Hobie Surf Shop's BoardShort Week!!

Hobie Surf Shop’s BoardShort Week!!

Everyone knows our Hobie Team has mad style! Click HERE and see just a handful of the past looks they have worn in photo shoots. Almost everything they wear in them, they pick out themselves… they literally make me look like I am a fantastic photo stylist! So, obviously, being the last day of boardshort week, we had to have our Hobie guys (or at least 13 out of the 21 who work on the floors of the shops) show us their favorite new looks in boardies! All the looks can be shopped either online at www.hobiesurfshop.com in the BoardShorts Collection section OR if you don’t see the ones you love in our online shop, every pair below are available in our brick and mortar retail locations.


Our Teams Favorite Boardshorts!!

Our Teams Favorite Boardshorts!!


**** Click on any photo below to start a slideshow! Enjoy!! ****


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