Hobie Shop :: BoardShort Week Day Three!! : Five BoardShort Trends for 2013

Hobie Surf Shop's BoardShort Week!!

Hobie Surf Shop’s BoardShort Week!!

Out with the old and in with the NEW!!! Today we cover all things trend!! New fabrics, new lengths, new prints.. it’s all about what is next!! You owe it to yourself to try at least one new trend this year to make your style fresh and on point… check out our top five.

**** All Styles of BoardShort for this Blog Post were chosen by Jaq Barry at Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point ****

*Click on any highlighted words to shop the style on our website, otherwise, shop the look in our brick and mortar shops.*

Aloha Friday Prints on Boardshorts

Aloha Friday Prints on Boardshorts

Aloha Friday Shirt Prints on BoardShorts :: Nothing says I’m setting up for a day of leisure, Mai Tai’s, and partying quite like the Aloha Friday print shirt. Swaying palm trees, hula girls, bright tropical flowers… I get relaxed just looking at them. So, in a smart move by boardshort designers this year, they pulled the vacationing tourist prints off the shirts and moved them down to the trunks. We have styles in every length from 17″ – 21″. They easily can be worn as walkshorts with a button up or tee, and, lets be honest, isn’t that what guys want most, is an easy look that can be carried all day and night?? My personal favorites are the Vans “Era Classic’s”, they are the red with sailboats on them…

Styles Shown From Left to Right :: Vans “Era Stretch 21”, Billabong “Invert Stab”, Volcom “Mental Fun”, Vans “Era Stretch 18”, Vans “Era Classic”, Katin “Fiji”, The Critical Slide Society “Lopez”.



Hybrids ::  Granted, Hybrids have been around already, but I think it can still be considered a new trend. Guys are just now starting to catch on to the “water to boardwalk” short. Surf in them all day, rinse off and go out for the night with out ever having to move your car from your pristine parking place to go home and change. They all come in quick dry stretch fabrics. What sets them apart from regular boardshorts are the pockets and belt loops found on standard walkshorts. In other words, you can fake a responsible buttoned up life with out having to have one, yea you hybrid guy!  These work especially well if your girlfriend or wife throws shade at you for wearing your 8 year old tattered boardies to all of life’s functions. My favorites are the Hobie by Hurley “Dogpatch”….

Styles Shown From Left to Right :: Hurley “Phantom 60 2.0” ,  Billabong “Crossfire” ,  Hobie  by Hurley “Dogpatch”.

Shortie Boardies

Shortie Boardies

Shortie Boardies aka The Magnum PI Comeback ::  Obviously, this is by far my favorite trend…. the shortie boardie, or as I like to call it, “The Return of the Dr J  : The Man Knee Strikes Back”. Seriously, I know I’m a girl and all, and maybe there are things I just don’t see the male perspective on, but why in the world have you bros been wearing you boardshorts so long??!! How are you comfortable in boardies that cover the knee and get tangled up while you are surfing??? Anyway… all that will be changing as we are seeing a HUGE return of short, above the kneecap boardshorts… in other words, start applying some self tanner to those lilly white, haven’t seen the sun since 1983, thighs of yours and be ready to set your knees free for all the girlies to see! My favorites are the Billabong “Cogs 17″…..

Styles Shown From Left to Right :: Quiksilver “Kwock” , Insight “Broken Melody” , Billabong “Cogs 17” 

Ultra Light Technical Fabrics

Ultra Light Technical Fabrics

Technical  or Ultra Lightweight Fabrics :: This is another trend that we have seen from past years, but this year it looks like all the research in technical fabric, cuts, sun protection,and seams have come together to produce some of the sickest advancements in boardshorts yet. These styles come ultralight, heavy on the SPF, big on stretch, almost zero water absorption, quick drying, and no chafing. The best part is, the price points have dropped too! No longer are these the $175+ budget busters of two years ago. This years styles start at $49.50! My favorites are the Patagonai “Stretch Planing Board”….

Styles Shown From Left to Right :: Patagonia “Stretch Planing Board” , Hurley “Phantom’s” , O’Neill “John John” 

100% Cotton Boardshorts

100% Cotton Boardshorts

100% Cotton BoardShorts ::  Sometimes it is time to leave the new behind and get back in touch with the old. 100% Cotton boardshorts are showing back up on the racks after being gone for a few decades plus. Guys, these ARE your surfing heritage. Instead of telling you myself, I’ll let Mr Pipeline, Gerry Lopez, tell you the story of the cotton boardshort :: Click Here To Read The Cotton Boardshort History. These are timeless and ultra comfortable. You will not be disappointed to own a pair or two. My favorites are The Critical Slide Society “Split the Peak”, I LoVE green boardshorts!!….

Styles Shown From Left to Right :: Hobie by Hurley “Shorecliff” , The Critical Slide Society “Split the Peak” , Hobie by Hurley “Mai Tai” 

-Tracey Engelking


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