Hobie Shop :: BoardShort Week Day Two!! : Watch and Learn!

Hobie Surf Shop's BoardShort Week!!

Hobie Surf Shop’s BoardShort Week!!

For day Two of Boardshort Week we get visual…

Nothing makes it easier to get through a looooooonnnnggggggg day of office time quite like a little a mid day break spent watching surfing clips on Vimeo or You Tube. This being our week dedicated to Boardshorts, we compiled a pile of clips dedicated to surfing in trunks! Enjoy….

Quiksilver Scallop Boardshorts: Enjoy the Original::

When Quiksilver boardshorts arrived on the scene in 1969, they were the first to use two snaps and a Velcro closure to ensure they stayed on in the heaviest surf conditions. The first to utilize a yoked waist and scallop legs to maximize comfort and ease of movement. Today the tradition of creating functional radness is carried on with new fits, fabrics and designs.

Donavon Frankenreiter & Hobie Surfboards : The Perfect Match ::

Donavon and his signature easy style…

2013 Patagonia Boardshorts ::

Patagonia surf ambassadors Chris Malloy, Dan Ross, Kohl Christensen, Chris McDonald, Dan Malloy and Patagonia staff photographer Jeff Johnson put the latest season of board shorts through the paces in Indo.

Duke Kahanamoku Surfing 1939 :: 

This is some RARE footage of Duke surfing his paddle board at Waikiki Beach along with an outrigger flipping over and more surfing. Set to beautiful music.

Billabong “Life is Better in Boardshorts” ::

A short film from Billabong proving that life truly is better spent in boardshorts.

Coffin Ryder : A Shortstraw Short Film from The Critical Slide Society ::

About the coffin ride: In days of old when surfboards were heavy and difficult to turn, manoeuvre’s were invented to add flair to the ride. A surfer could actually fall from trying to turn on a wave, and if they were lucky enough to land on their back on the deck of their surfboard; they could quickly improvise and by putting their hands in a mock prayer pose, lay claim to a ‘legitimate’ manoeuvre. Some surfers even made the coffin ride functional allowing them to get seriously tubed in seriously small surf.

Enjoy the Adventure ; Kelly Slater’s Urban Jungle ::

Join Kelly Slater weaving his way through urban chaos and remote jungle in search of perfection on Bali and its neighboring islands. Featuring Kelly’s  signature Cypher Roam boardshort…Enjoy The Adventure.

RVCA presents Alex Knost – Bali X Costa Rica ::

Water warm enough for boardshorts everyday of the year….

A Hatteras Odyssey : A 1975 Roadtrip :: 

During spring break in 1975 Dave Bence, Frank Dorenkamp, Pat Fulks and I went on a surf trip to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina from Alexandria, VA. The surf was good but we keep going and drove to Florida to surf at Sebastian Inlet and New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Great trip! The Cape Hatteras lighthouse has been moved since then. Filmed with my 8mm camera. Music by Wishbone Ash: The King will Come & Blowin Free.

Enjoy the Freedom, Dane Reynolds’ Signature No Frills Boardshort ::

Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson spent some time cutting loose south of the border in one of Mexico’s finest playgrounds. After a few waves, the boys settle in nicely with a few beers, tacos and visits from the locals. Muy bueno.

-Tracey Engelking


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