Hobie Shop :: Bikini Week Day Three!! : Bikini Intervention with Whitney Rose

Hobie Surf Shop Presents Bikini Week!!!!

Hobie Surf Shop Presents Bikini Week!!!!


Oh girl, it is here again… Bikini Season!!! If you are anything like us, you meet this time of year with as much excitement as you do dread. Sure we all love the long slow easy pace of a hot summer day, the chilled cocktails, the chingy sounds of a ukulele, the lack of layers, strappy wedge sandals… it’s the best! But along with the sweetest of summer times also comes the dreaded early Spring trip into the harsh dressing room lights to try on bikinis. *Shudder*

Last year at this time, we enlisted Whitney Rose to help you get over the anxiety of the dressing room, and into a brand new style. She gives you tips on ways to navigate our swim wall, our dressing rooms, and seeking help from our staff. She made a video clip for you to watch, and while the styles she shows from last year have changed a little (read yesterdays blog post HERE to find this years best new styles for your body type), her advice is still so spot on that we decided had share last years “Bikini Intervention with Whitney Rose” blog post and video from last year today! Enjoy!!!


Hobie Shop: Bikini Intervention with Whitney from Laguna Beach Hobie


We see it as soon as the swim walls go up in our shops,  “The Look”.  The Look comes out of everyone from 18 to 118 years old. It wordlessly says “Seriously, already?? Is it here… I feel like we are just getting into winter… Ugh! NNOoooooooo!!! I am not ready!” We know why you give the swim wall The Look.. a cross between a shade throwing side eye and a pleading look of “Why?”… we give it to it too; we stare at it from the comfort of our leggings, boots and tunics. We think about our unshaved legs and pasty winter skin, wondering if we should get a spray tan first before we start trying things on…. We are SO with you girl!! We need a Bikini Intervention!

To get us over our crippling fear of the swim wall, we enlisted Laguna Beach Hobie’s Whitney to hold our hand and give us some tips for a stress free bikini try on session.

Isn’t Whitney the BEST!! She has amazing style and she (and everyone on Team Hobie) will never let you out of the store in something that doesn’t make you 100% comfortable. To recap…

-Try new things! Be daring and get a little out of your usual comfort zone. Take at least one new look into the dressing room that is WILD!

-Check out the latest trends and see if they work for you.  Fringe, floral prints, and lots of color are all on trend right now. Maybe check out a throwback 50′s style!! (Ed. Note: See new style ideas for 2013 below the stars)

-Make sure someone on staff knows you are in the dressing room. We are all very well trained at helping with swim, and we are even better at knowing when you are looking for a lot of help, and when you need some space. We never want you to have to dash back out into the shop to look for sizes, we are here to do it for you.

-Take your time looking at the swim wall and in the dressing rooms. Don’t feel rushed. (granted, during a sale it is hard not to feel the pressure of the line, but for the most part you should never feel rushed when you are in our dressing rooms!) Try on as many looks as you want, we want to see you leave knowing you really found the perfect suit!

-Lastly, and most importantly… remember swim season also means it is SUMMER!!! Woo! Suns out buns out!!

-Tracey Engelking



* New looks for Summer 2013 are Flounce tops, the on fire collection of killer prints by DVF Loves Roxy, the sherbet/Easter colors are on trend, and the one piece is starting to show signs of new life! Come on in, and we will help you kick off summer with a brand new bikini confident you! xoxo


-Tracey Engelking



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