Hobie Shop :: Bikini Week Day One!! We Know Our Bikinis!!

Hobie Surf Shop's Bikini Week is Here!!!!!!!!

Hobie Surf Shop’s Bikini Week is Here!!!!!!!!

We are, at Hobie Surf Shop, a beach people. Our whole shop inventory is based around having a great time either in the surf at the beach, or in the sand at the beach. It’s the lifestyle we dedicate almost every hour of the day to, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!! (Actually, if the State of California would let us sleep in the sand, we might truly be able to dedicate every hour of the day to living and breathing all things beach all day every day…. hhmmmmm, wouldn’t that be lovely??) And, there is, that one magic item that bonds all us “beach girls” together…. The Bikini! That magic stretchy piece of goodness that signals the start of summer! The return of toasty warm beachy good days, long nights, bright flaming orange sunsets, the end of the wetsuit for a few months, and long afternoons spent (safely, in your sunscreen girl!!) bronzing with a Mai Tai in our hands…. Glorious!


So…. to celebrate the return of summer and the Bikini, we have a bikini week here at Hobie Surf Shop-the Blog!!! All week this week we will have special blog posts to get you ready to dive into some new swim style. We have even partnered with our girls at Maaji Swimwear to give away three bikinis to our Instagram followers (check the details on how to enter in this post by clicking :: HERE), this week, the giveaways start today, so don’t miss out!! We’ll have posts on the best fit’s for each body type, our buyers picks for the best new styles of this year, and a little “Bikini Intervention” therapy session with our amazing Ms Whitney Rose!!


To start of Bikini Week right, here is a look at our Education Night in Laguna Beach…

Every year before we kick off bikini season at Hobie Surf Shop, we all get together for a “Bikini Clinic”!! We each pick our favorite bikini combination, it gives us all new ideas on how to pair up a killer look in ways we might not have thought of. We also get taken through all the different fits and styles, and get educated on what will look best on every figure. We learn about dressing room etiquette, and ways to make sure every person who comes through our door feels comfortable trying on swim and NEVER has to go back on the floor once they are in the trying on process. Here is a cute slide show of the night set to Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer”!! Enjoy!!!!


YEA!!!! I’m so ready for Bikini Season to start!!! Don’t forget to come back each day to learn more from our bikini loving Hobie Team! xoxoxoxox


-Tracey Engelking


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