Hobie Shop :: Coachella and Festival Style

**** All the “Coachella Looks” in the blog today were styled by Tara and Michael from the Dana Point Hobie Surf Shop and are available in the shops, and online at www.hobiesurfshop.com! Go in and have them Style you  too!! ****



So…. you’re going to Coachella. Well you better get your style ready, because the only part of Coachella that is better than the music, is seeing what everyone is wearing… Tara and Michael show off our picks for the whole weekend.

Day One.

Day One.

Coachella Day One!!! Ok, you just got there. You are in love with your new neighbors at the campsite. You have a full case of Festival Fever and you just wannnnnnna get inside! You’re rested, you smell good, your skin is fresh, and it’s a great day to wear your favorite crisp and clean outfit! You are for sure seeing Tokyo Ska Parade Orchestra (seriously, you will not regret it, GET THERE!!!!), Passion Pit, and The Stone Roses

Tara is wearing The “Cherry Red Boho Print” Skirt from Maaji, the R.Collection “Farrah Flounce” Top, “Rip Rock” sunnies from Electric and one of our floppy hats.

Michael is wearing an Ezekiel “Rooney” button up, the “Cogs 17” boardies from Billabong and the “Jasper Hat” from Brixton.

Van Camping at Night.

Van Camping at Night.

Coachella Nights… Never was there a more appropriate time or a more appropriate place for the Poler Napsack than at Coachella. Yes, it was designed for maybe a more rustic camping environment, but come on, it’s not affectionately called the “Hipster Snugie” for nothing, so why not take it along with you to the hipster version of Elysium, Coachella! It can take a beating in the dust and dirt all weekend with out flinching. Bring it home after the weekend, toss it in the washer and it comes out looking brand new! You will never regret owning it, promise!!

Day Two.

Day Two.

Coachella Day Two!!! You partied allllllll night, you love van camping, and you aren’t even a teeny bit hungover. You’re going to see as much as you can today, so easy relaxed style is key. Eat a hearty breakfast, pack sunscreen, and lots of water… On the must see list are The XX, New Order (this links to my favorite New Order song ever… oh the memories!!), and Phoenix.

Tara is wearing the “Glam Tank” from Rip Curl, the “Capital Denim” high waisted shorts from Vans, stackable bracelets and headband.

Michael is wearing the “19” Fiji” boardies from Katin, the “Ozzie Anti-Bad Tee” from Volcom, and the “Broloha” print hat and backpack from Vans.

Day Three... The ride Home.

Day Three… The ride Home.

Coachella Day Three and The Ride Home!!! Ok, you are sad faced that it’s almost over, you are a little less fresh and clean, but you are still amping for the last day… and really, you know you are already planning for next year. Hats and headbands are a must to cover the hair by this day, and for the first time in your life you get why people douce themselves in Patchouli Oil. In other words, you are kind of a hot mess by day three, so put on something that distracts and keeps the eye moving while you indulge in Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, and Monsters & Men. And remember comfort for the long ride home…

Tara is wearing the “Lagoon” Dress from O’Neill, the “Authentic Star Hi Top” from Vans, and a stretch headband.

Michael is wearing everything in the “Mental Fun” print from Volcom… hat, boardies, and button up…

*** Thanks to Tara and Michael!!! Have fun at Coachella!!!!!!!! <3

-Tracey Engelking


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