Hobie Shop:: Hobie Loves Maaji Bikini Giveaway!!!!!

We Love our girls at Maaji Swimwear and so do you! You are always coming out of our dressing rooms glowing in your new prints!! So to celebrate and spread the love, we are partnering with Maaji on Instagram for  a HOBIE LOVES MAAJI BIKINI GIVEAWAY!!!!!



Here is how to get in on the fun…. 

1. Get on your Instagram account and Follow @hobiesurfshop and @maajiswimwear 

2. Post a photo of  “Your Favorite Place to Wear Your Bikini”. Get creative, we love seeing how your minds think out of the box!! Use anything you like: photoshop, filter apps, text, anything that will make you stand out on Instagram as much as you will stand out at “Your Favorite Place to Wear Your Bikini” in your Maaji Prints!!  

3. Tag your photo @hobiesurfshop and @maajiswimwear  AND  use the hashtag  #HobieLovesMaaji 

4. Make sure your Instagram profile is set to Public, or we won’t be able to see your photo! 

5. Have Fun!!!! The Contest starts right NOW, and will run through our Bikini Week from March 25th-29th. With THREE winners! Winner #1 announced on the 25th, Winner #2 announced on the 27th, and Winner #3 announced on the 29th.

You MUST live in the continental US to win. We will comment on the winners photos from our official @hobiesurfshop Instagram account letting them know how to claim their Maaji Bikinis!!! GO Go Go!!! Let’s see “Your Favorite Place to Wear Your Bikini”!! 

-Tracey Engelking


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