Hobie Surf:: All Things Water: Shane Perrin Marathon Paddler

Our good friend Shane Perrin, former Hobie SUP Team rider, sent me an email a few days ago and asked if we could pass along some info on his latest adventure, I figured it would be a lot easier for him to tell you about it himself… Enjoy!!!


Shane Perrin... Waterman.

Shane Perrin… Waterman.


My SUP Ultra Marathon racing passion started in 2011 in the Midwest. With little knowledge of SUP’s or resources available locally, I had decided to build one to race on. A local shop heard about what I was up to and they offered to let me use a 12’ all around board. As I talked further with the shop about my plans, the general manager decided to call Hobie and let them know what I was up to. A couple weeks before my first race a 14’ Hobie showed up at the shop donated by Hobie.  I went out and raced a 35 mile race called the Gritty Fitty. I was the only SUP on the river with a sea of canoes and kayaks. I finished, which was my goal.

After accomplishing my first goal I decided to up the ante and go after a 100 mile race, The Kawnivore 100. There were a lot of questions from spectators and fellow racers, but again I was the only one standing on the river and I finished, even after 30 miles having hit a stump and blowing out the nose of the board. An hour of patching it up and I still managed to finish under 24 hours.

Then came the decision to attempt a 340 mile river race, appropriately named the MR340. The tough part was that my Hobie board was beat up. I wasn’t sure if it would survive 340 miles after barely surviving 100.  Once again with a phone call to Hobie, they came through.   At a highly discounted price (I think we paid shipping and a few extra bucks) we received a 14’ Hobie BCXC. The race was on.

The idea to attempt the race via SUP came from my want to really spread the sport in the Midwest. What better way then to paddle 340 miles across the state of Missouri. Also it was a way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary for my Mom and me.  10 years prior to this race she donated her kidney to me to save my life.


Shane and His Mom....

Shane and His Mom….

The following documentary shows what organ and tissue donation can do for people.  It tells the story of how one person can make a difference in another’s world allowing that person to make a difference many others.

The next installment of honoring my second chance at life once, I am attempting a 400 mile ocean expedition to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation on March 2nd 2013. Please watch the four minute video for more information http://www.gofundme.com/10-days-400-miles

My goal is to raise $7500.  Operating expenses for the expedition are $2400. Anything raised after the $2400 goes towards the purchase of SUP’s and gear for dialysis patients and organ and tissue recipients or those waiting. In just three days of fundraising I have already raised the $2400 needed! Now anything donated goes towards the purchase of boards.

I am looking at a case by case basis of people to give boards to. If you know someone that is on dialysis, received a transplant recently, or is on the wait list that you believe would benefit from our sport of stand up, then please email me at shaneperrin@gmail.com

Thank you to Hobie for their 2011 help and thank you to those who have donated or will.


Shane Perrin – Pau Hana Team Rider



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