Hobie Shop:: Three Things We Are Already Excited about For Spring…

It was Trade Show time over the past couple of weeks and all the shiny new stuff gave me a major case of Spring fever!!!!

Our friends at L*Space Are Feeling Spring Fever Too...

Our friends at L*Space Are Feeling Spring Fever Too…

I know, I know.. we are like ten minutes into winter, but I can’t help myself. I’m one of those people who would start decorating for Christmas in August if it weren’t considered batty. I get excited for summer to start before March madness is over! I am an early bird worm gatherer… and yes, I get giddy bananas, over the moon, excited for new style! And there was SO much great new style to get excited about at all the trade show/line previews!! Like Brixton, who I have to admit, I used to really only think of as a company that made killer hats, showed another amazing line of menswear. So good, so on trend. Perfect style for guys who want to look stylish, with out looking like they are trying too hard. Another favorite was Roxy’s new line of workout gear. All I can say is look out LuluLemon; Roxy’s sizing, color ways, and fit are coming for you!! Literally, I would have left the show with 3/4 of what they were showing if it were for sale!! So so so so good!!

There were, though, three “moments” that stood out and made my Spring fever kick into it’s giddy bananas LoVE overload!!

Upcycled Ballet Flats from MOVMT…

Upcycled Ballet Flats from MVMNT

Upcycled Ballet Flats from MOVMT

Although, I was not at the unveiling of these gorgeously colored, springy ballet flats from The Peoples Movement aka MOVMT, at Surf Expo in Florida, I double tapped their Instagram photo of them about two hundred times. Sadly you can only double tap and be counted as a like just the once. This company is consistently adding “Upcyccled” products to their line. We already love their upcycled wallets (You can shop them in all Five of our Hobie Surf Shops) which I have given as gifts to many very happy friends! I can’t wait to get my feet into these upcycled flats this spring, we’ll have them in March!! Woo!!

Hobie by Hurley’s Retro Shortie Boardie….

Seventeen Inches of Pure Boardshort Style from Hobie by Hurley

Seventeen Inches of Pure Boardshort Style from Hobie by Hurley

When we walked into the Hurley line preview at the Agenda Trade Show, I blew right past the huge poster announcing John John Florence signing with Hurley, and bee lined to these INSANE shortie boardies that were waaaayyyy in the back of the booth with a line of people gawking at them. They are in a word: BEYOND. The colors, styling, fabric, details, and especially a flawless retro length of seventeen inches; just perfection!! They pay honor to Hobie Alter (the founder of our company) and his era of surfing. just looking at them made me want to go slide down the line on a fat log… they will be in shops in the summer.

ROARK Shares Who Inspired the Ghost Rider Design…

Who is This Man....??

Who is This Man….??

By now, everyone has seen and probably owns this Ghost Rider Tee from ROARK. It is always on the favorite list of our shop team. Actually, lots items de ROARK hit our fav lists, most of the guys on staff picked up The Porter Pant over the holidays. However, I had no idea that a person was the inspiration behind the Ghost Rider design. Indian Larry, an artist, a stunt rider, a motorcycle builder… he was reminiscent of Von Dutch, he was the Jesse James of bike building before Jesse James picked up his first wrench. He was The Man. Knowing that he inspired ROARK… so much more love for ROARK now! Watch this clip and get inspired to dig into Indian Larry lore…

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/39500762″>TRUTH, LOYALTY, ROOTS & ROARK: GHOSTRIDER</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user9239239″>Roark Clothing</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

So, that is it, my Spring Fever is in overdrive and the surf is building! I don’t think I could be any happier!!

-Tracey Engelking


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