Hobie Surf:: Surfboard of The Week: The Hobie C4

Hobie C4

Hobie C4

I’ve been selling surfboards for a long time.  Its always been a catch 22 for me, another board sold means another body in the water.  Yet the stoke I receive from putting a good surfboard under someone’s feet is almost as good as the glide itself. Even better is the stoke I feel when I get feedback.  Recently I sold a Hobie C-4 Fish to Kevin Ray, a Ventura local and U.C. Santa Cruz student.

The C-4 is similar to our C-71, keel finned fish in outline but the quad-finned, double wing swallow-tail allows for the tail to be pulled in allowing for greater directional drive and bite through turns.  The C-4 provides high performance, pocket oriented surfing in all wave conditions.  You know, I could go on and on about this board, it’s just that good, but why don’t I let Kevin tell you his feelings about the C-4:

Hey Andy,

This is Kevin, I just bought that quad fish from you.  The board is AMAZIMG!!! I love the feel.  So much control and speed.  It’s such a change from a displacement hull where I was always expecting the unexpected and never really knowing if I was just going to slide out or what.  I feel like I can talk to this board, tell it to go somewhere and it will go, and it makes sections like no one’s business.  It’s nice having a board I can ride backside and know that it will stick.  I’m really looking forward to exploring this whole new feel.  Thank you so much for your help.  It was a pleasure to buy this board from you.  
As my parents said when they last talked to you, if you ever do end up opening another shop in Ventura or Santa Cruz you will have at least me supporting it with whatever I can give (it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid to run a surf shop).  My phone number (again) is 805-XXX-XXXX if you ever need it for any reason.  I will be talking this board up pretty heavily to all my friends in Santa Cruz when I get back up there.  I don’t have any pictures on the new board yet but if I get some I will send them to you.  Thanks again Andy.  Stoked.
Take Care,

Andy Cowell


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