Hobie Heart:: Broken New Year’s Resolutions and The Art of Kyudo


Why don't I think of Resolutions like this??

Why don’t I think of Resolutions like this??

It’s the time of year, the first week of the New Year is past, and the resolutions for 80% of us have already been broken. That first wave of euphoric promises to get more organized, stop smoking, stop cursing, stress less, spend more time outside have all been pushed to the back burner in favor of more stress, doubling down on work, cursing like a sailor, and tripping over our piles of disorganized “stuff”. In my case, my up on my soapbox- shout it from the rooftops – mega pinky swear promise to eat better/clean into 2013 was demolished by 8am on January 1st by the sweet sweet carby goodness of a whole bagel, toasted to golden perfection, slathered in an avalanche of chive cream cheese…. sweet sweet carby, straight to my butt, tasty awesomeness… warm crispy, no redeeming nutritional value, carby awesomeness… I devoured it as though it were heaven sent. It was divinely regretful. Who else broke down before noon on the First?? I think a lot of us. (In retrospect, I should have made not writting entire paragraphs comprised of only one loooooong run on sentence my resolution. Next year!)


I LoVE me just the way I am... <3

I LoVE me just the way I am… <3


So, where is it that we go wrong? Why is it on December 31st we are incredibly inspired to change some part of ourselves, but by January 7th almost all of us have given up and retreated? Did you know that if you could power through to the 66 day mark on the “new you” you desired on Dec 31st, it would almost certainly become the “new you”. It only takes 66 days of dedication to break out of the cocoon of old ways and lay claim to your un-cursing, non smoking, de-stressed, ultra-organized, and clean eating self! All it takes is a little (ok, it takes a LOT) focus in the right places and you can shake free.


I found this video from our friends at Olukai (makers of the most comfortable shoes on the planet!!), that was shot at the Lahaina Judo Mission on Maui, Hawaii. Keola Sequeria talks about his struggle to master his families ancient tradition of Kyudo. There is a quote in the middle, where Keola, I think, explains why we fail at resolving to change perfectly.


A testament to the diversity of the Hawaiian islands, master canoe builder Keola Sequeira, one of Hawaii’s celebrated wood craftsmen shows us his favorite pastime, the Japanese art of Kyudo.


“You are paying too much attention to the target – when you close your eyes, you are going to focus on yourself. If you get yourself right, then you are going to hit the target.”  I think this states our resolution issue perfectly. We focus so hard on the “thing” we want to change/do better, that we become over burdened by it. Instead, we should focus on letting go of stressing about “it”, and let the change come naturally. Meaning, if you resolved to eat better (like I did) and you failed at that task yesterday, take a deep breath and start again today. Don’t become discouraged that you broke your resolution before the first week of January was behind us, you still have 358 days to find the “new you”.


-Tracey Engelking



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