Hobie Heart:: Seasons Greetings and Thanks….

Santa Terry Martin... probably doing the same thing in the Eternal Paradise right now. <3

Santa Terry Martin… probably doing the same thing in the Eternal Paradise right now. <3

It may actually be true that as we get older, we do indeed get wiser. But if the extra rings in our collective trunks don’t guarantee wisdom, they may at least offer some perspective into the relative significance of the things that come and go on a daily basis. With this in mind, 2012 was indeed filled with notable moments and events. As a Country we witnessed an unnecessarily expensive and tumultuous election. Thankfully, that process is now shrinking in the rearview mirror and it is now time for all of us to pull the rope together for the benefit of the whole. And as a nation of essentially decent, caring and empathetic people, we hold our loved ones a bit closer as we try to come to terms with the tragically unthinkable events which took place in a first grade classroom in Newtown, Connecticut. While on a more personal level, we continue to miss our friend and mentor Terry Martin. Terry was a legend and is universally considered the greatest and most prolific surfboard shaper in history. But that distinction isn’t what made Terry Martin so special.  Instead it was the way he quietly went about his life. Terry’s unbridled passion for his work, his willingness to put down his tools to catch up with an old friend (or meet a new one) and his unwavering commitment to his faith and family are what set him apart. A simple man with a simple philosophy; be a good person, do the right thing, love and respect others. Each of us, including our elected officials, could learn much from this great man.

So in the spirit of Terry and the Holiday Season, I wanted to take this moment to personally give sincere thanks on behalf of myself, my family and our Company: To our loyal customers, whose often multi-generational support allows us the opportunity to continue in the proud tradition which began with Hobie Alter in his father’s Laguna Beach garage back in 1950. To our incredible employees, many of whom have literally grown up with us and whose own everyday passion, kindness and commitment make this feel more like an extended, close-knit family than a company. Together, we’ve shared so much over the years and we are both honored and humbled to be able to work with each and every one of you. And as always, we’re simply thankful for (and in continued awe of) this absolutely incredible place we’re lucky enough to live in. So grab your loved ones, and your favorite book, beverage or beach toy. Shut off your mobile device and head on down to the shoreline to reenergize as we look forward to the magic of the Holidays and the limitless promises of the coming New Year.

 -Mark Christy

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