Hobie Surf:: Holy Freaking Cold Outside, Maybe it is the End of the World!!!!!!!

So… judging by the sub-freezing temperatures that we have been experiencing in our usually 70 degree bubble called Southern California, maybe the doomsdayers are correct and this actually is the end of the World. It’s freaking 30 degrees outside in San Clemente as I’m typing. So to our new Mayan Overlords I tip my hat to you and your ancient prognostications. I was a doubter like so many. But today, as I watch my kitty literally try to swat the cold away with his wee kitty paws, I must admit that your “End of the World As We Know It” scenario appears to have legs…..


Is This Real Life....???

Is This Real Life….???


….. Or it could just be that I will use ANY excuse, such as having to stay home and work on a new Mayan Friendly welcome mat for the front door, to get out of Dawn Patrol this morning. The call is to be at the beach at 6:45 and be in the water at 7. Do you think it will warm up to 64 by then…?? Yeah, I don’t either. At least we are surfing 9’4″ Hobie Performance Longboards, a teeny bit warmer than our friends on shortboards will be. So as I’m digging through my piles of surf “gear” to find a matching pair of booties and my toasty warm Patagonia hood, I leave you with this inspiration for surfing in the new Arctic Tundra we now live in.  The Corona Del Mar surf team goes bananas for the cold water and even colder air… Enjoy!!!


Proudly sponsoring Corona Del Mar Surf Team for three years!!!! 


Well played Corona Del Mar surf team… well played!! Alright, I am inspired, and I am off to brave the 58 degree water and frozen air in search of some glide before I get into the middle of our WILD holiday shopping fun in the stores! Come in and see us over the next few days, we have great goodies in stock. I’ll be putting up gift ideas all weekend on our Facebook (click like on the sidebar and follow us!) and Instagram (follow us on IG @hobiesurfshop) so check us out!!

-Tracey Engelking


p.s. It is crazy to go surfing right now, right?? Ugh……..


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