Hobie Surf: The Legacy.

Every once in a while an email will come into my inbox, and I freak out with kid on Christmas morning excitement. The note was from Kirby Clark at the Hobie Designs warehouse and it was simply titled “The Legacy”. Kirby isn’t one to send out tons of emails, he is a busy guy, so I figured I better open it. This is what it said and the picture sent along with it…

Hi Tracey,

I was thinking you could do a write up on the
‘Legend lives on” Terry Martin’s Legacy shaped by son Josh Martin.

The Legacy.

See why I freaked out!! To say this board is a stunning masterpiece, might be an understatement… it is just beyond.

When Terry Martin passed away, I think many people wondered what would happen to his masterful surfboard designs. Would they become something that you talked about fondly, or would Hobie figure out a way to reproduce them while honoring the man himself? But if Hobie were to just “reproduce” them, would they have the same magic that each original Terry had? Would surfers feel comfortable riding such iconic surfboards, if someone other than Terry made them? If it were to be done, who would step into Terry’s shoes and shape them?

The questions have been answered. Josh Martin, one of Terry’s sons, will carry on in Terry’s absence. He will shape Terry’s models, including The Legacy, now. I can imagine if Terry were here, he would probably say… “Now, that is something really neat.” And it is! The Legend and The Legacy live on…

** A little bit about the board seen above**

A Classic double ender style board designed by world-renowned shaper Terry Martin. This board is the Coupe De Ville of surfboards, just a smooth gliding board that carries it’s speed through the wave with very little effort.


Length:  9’4

Width:  23

Thickness: 3

Stringers:1/4 CD +2-5/16 CD 7″out

Top Glass: 6oz + 6oz

Bottom Glass: 6oz

Finish: Gloss & Polish

Fins:Ofishyl Long – White

Color:Tint T&B rootbeer brown; dek/tail patch. 

Shaper: Josh Martin.

-Tracey Engelking photo by Kirby Clark


3 thoughts on “Hobie Surf: The Legacy.

      • Absolutely LOVED THIS WHOLE SPREAD on “THE LEGACY” Such a beautiful life Terry and you shared together, my dearest Candy and your beautiful children & grandchildren are truly blessed to have made such good memories with him… an honorable and humble servant your beloved was. who brought so much joy to all he met throughout his journey here …..NEVER FORGOTTEN !!!! love ya honey! MoZ [Maureen,of Norwalk, CT …formerly of San Clemente – 1998-2001]

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