Hobie Shop: The One Where We Thank Our Bosses!

It’s a time of year to be grateful, to be thankful, to count your blessings, to tell those close to you how important they are to you. It’s a time to scramble your schedule around so you can fit in as much holly and jolly into the next six weeks! It’s a time of year when bosses are looking for the perfect way to thank their staff for a year well done.. but, here at Hobie Surf Shops, we, the staff, look at it differently. We are the ones trying to figure out the best way to tell our bosses thank you for another year of amazing Hobie days! So with that in mind, here are a handful of things we are thankful to Jake, Mark and Joe for!!!!

Thank You!!!!!!!!

Thank you
for knowing all 90 of our names

Thank you for building the shops up and hiring on more staff during the economic downturn, instead of laying people off. 

Thank you for hiring from within. 

Thank you for listening to ideas from the whole staff, even if they have only been here a week. 

Thank you for being a huge hearted small business.

Thank you for creating a family working environment by making sure we have enough time to spend with ours.

Thank you for your loyalty to us, even when we make a major mistake. 

Thank you for being interested in us, and knowing a little about each of us.. like our pets names, or what sports we play at school. 

Thank you for coming from a place of “Yes!” or “Maybe…” more than “No.” 

Thank you for always remembering to say “Great Job!” 

Thank you for folding tee shirts right along with us. 

Thank you for having an office door that is always open. 

Thank you for hand delivering our paychecks, with a “thank you for the strong effort this week!”

Thank you for finding our strengths and encouraging them, even if it means we move on to a new place. (side note: that is actually when our bosses are happiest, is when they watch us grow into our full potential!)

Thank you for the heat lamps in the warehouse.. it’s freezing in there!!

Thank you for having our back when the customer is wrong. (Yes, it happens, not often… but every once in a while, you just have to draw the line.) 

Thank you for responding to our emails. 

Thank you for building a business that has stood the test of time, and one we can be proud to work for. 

Thank you for being a friend!!

Most of all, thank you for carrying on the tradition of excellence that this company was founded under. From the time that Hobie Alter shaped his first surfboard in 1950, to his opening of the first Hobie Surf Shop in 1954, to the present day; Hobie has stood for quality and customer service. Thank you for creating an atmosphere in the shops where those principles are never forgotten. 


-Tracey Engelking and the whole Hobie Surf Shop Staff!!


3 thoughts on “Hobie Shop: The One Where We Thank Our Bosses!

  1. Tracey… WOW! While most of the comments are primarily applicable to Jake (you don’t want me folding shirts), I must say, this is perhaps the most rewarding thing I’ve ever read. It’s true, we consciously try to foster an environment where we all feel part of a team. And given the mutual love and respect, I can’t help feeling that we’re an extended family. But the reality is, true greatness starts with those with their boots on the ground. We are just so lucky to have this incredible group of individuals, with their diverse talents and unique personalities, forming one helluva dynamic group.
    It is an honor to know and be able to work with each of you.
    For who you are, and for what you do, we are truly Thankful!

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