Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: The Man Gift….

…and I mean a gift for a man, not the gift of a man. Although… that wouldn’t be such a bad idea! A shop dedicated to finding the perfect  good man!! Imagine it.. “Hobie’s Man Emporium” where you can walk in and choose from a high quality selection of good men. We’d have the rugged Outdoorsy Man styled out in Patagonia. The Funtime Man wearing the latest Aloha Friday from Reyn Spooner. The Surfer Man, he would come with the guarantee of a full time job and an implanted chip that would remind him of your birthday, anniversary, ect…

Nothing Wrong With a Man Like This….

But, I digress. This post is dedicated to two fun gifts that should suit any man in your life. I have picked them both up for my dad and my husband, thus making a teeny dent in my Christmas shopping! Yea me! But, I digress again. The two gifts that I am obSesseD with are the ROARK Granddaddy knife, and our collection of flasks! (We have TONS of perfect Man Gifts in the shops and online too, like toasty blankets that are made in the USA, coffee cups, Kelty backpacks, Fragile Ocean T’s, ect..)

**** Before we start on the Monday Morning Obsession (MMO), I should mention I am in NO way paid by the companies who are featured in MMO. I don’t get the products for free. (bust!) The owners of Hobie Surf Shops have no say in what products I feature. The buyers have no say in what products I feature; although they sometimes give me input and their thoughts on the item too. Everything shown on MMO is something I like, that we sell, that I feel like you should know about how amazing-y it is.****


Holiday Cheer!!

First off, the flask. What man in your life wouldn’t like a little way to bring a bit of booze with him as he traverses the Holiday season. Just imagine how much more fun the looooonnnnggggggg lines  everywhere would be if you could take a nip here and there. (Just remember, drink responsibly!) We have a few, but my two favorites are the Fear the Sea Flask by ROARK, and this nice leather covered one with the funnel to make filling easier!


Your Grandpa Would Be Proud…

Second.. Every man should have a pocket knife. Period. This one from ROARK is stylish and sharp. It’s a classic, made with rosewood & brass. Whether camping, or roaming the streets, or fighting off a bear this is the one item your man can use everyday. And, he’ll look boss when he pulls it out to cut the tag off something!

Come on into any of our shops, we LoVE to help you buy proper gifts for the people in your life! See you soon!!!

-Tracey Engelking


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