Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: Reyn Spooner Christmas Shirt!!!!

There are many things that signal the start of the Christmas/Holiday season; your awesome neighbors start assembling the Griswold-esque light display on the front of their house, the daytime temperature drops to a starkly frigid 68 degrees in Southern California, and, the very best part of all, the Reyn Spooner Christmas shirts arrive at the Hobie Surf Shop (and our online shop) nearest you…


They are here!!!!

Nothing elicits more excitement from the staff, then opening the first shipment of Spooners and seeing what the new design for Christmas 2012 will be!! Will the goose be on it and what will he be wearing? Is there a surfboard hidden somewhere? Does Santa make an appearance?? What are the colors going to look like?? We are a little attached to the Christmas Spooner, especially Mr. Goose… don’t judge.



A little About Reyn Spooner:

Reyn Spooner’s heritage of West Coast American cool reaches back to the late 1940’s on Catalina Island in California, where Reyn McCullough opened his first traditional men’s haberdashery.Waikiki Beach. Under the palms. Celebrities and top surfers patronized Spooner’s Waikiki stand. With just one sewing machine the custom swimwear became known for its unique quality construction. 

Reyn quickly began making waves in the 1960’s as “the Brooks Brothers of the Pacific” pioneering a casual yet professional incarnation of the Hawaiian shirt. By combining traditional Ivy League style with innovations such as the washed down reverse-print concept, Reyn Spooner reinvents aloha wear for Hawaii and the rest of the world. “Spooner Kloth is born” Combining the cool comfort of combed cotton with the wrinkle free properties of spun polyester, Spooner Kloth is guaranteed to give years of wash n wear durability. This traditional classic has become the oxford cloth of the islands. Reyn Spooner’s new take on the printed, button down collar shirt made it acceptable for the Hawaii workplace. The Hawaii Fashion Guild, of which Reyn was an active member, formalizes aloha wear in the work place and in the process, invented Aloha Friday.



Come in and get into a Spooner today!

-Tracey Engelking


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