Hobie Heart: Challenge Yourself To Shine Again…

To paddle out, or not to paddle out???

When I read this article from Mind Body Green over the weekend, I felt like Linzi was talking to everything I had been feeling lately. Not depressed, more just not feeling very motivated. You know, instead of finding a way to make sure I do something, I was finding an excuse to get out of doing something. We all go through it… call it lazy, call it a change in the season, call it getting busy.. whatever you are calling it, it’s time we frolic our way out of it. Read the article, then I’ll explain….


Why I’m Surfing 100 Days in a Row

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about identity….. about what makes me me. 
It’s crazy that we can lose touch with who we really are, but it seems to happen in a sneaky, undercover way that one day just reveals itself to you and leaves you thinking… hey, this isn’t me.
There are so many reasons why this can happen….. tough times, challenging circumstances, overload at work, but I think the key factor really comes down to one thing: Not taking the time to connect with your gut instinct, your essence, your soul.
Whatever you call it, it’s that voice deep inside that grumbles when you are doing something that doesn’t align with your values.
The scary thing is, the more we suppress it, the less we hear it. We know it’s there, but we’ve conditioned ourselves to use our heads instead of our hearts.
I’m taking a stand….. it’s time to reconnect with me again. I feel like I’ve spent too long prioritizing the wrong things.
It’s time to find my glow again.
I wanted to give myself a challenge, something that would make my soul shine again.
I thought about it for a while…. 
What’s one thing that I could do that could only have awesome results? 
What is the one thing I could do that would make me feel more like me? 
What is the one thing I could do that would feel like a gift to myself?
It was simple…… spend more time in the ocean.
Surfing feels like home. Surfing makes me feel alive.
So I’ve decided to commit to surf every single day for 100 days. Rain or shine. I’m telling you because I want to be held accountable. This is important to me.
It’s only Day 4 and already I feel more like the Linzi I Love. My shoulders are sore, my nose is a little sunburnt and my skin is salty. Yoga feels better than ever. Waking up seems easier when I know I’m headed straight to the beach. I’m dreaming of surf trips again.
Yesterday, as I was getting changed in the carpark after my surf,  a little boy looked over at me, smiled and said to his dad, “Can I go speak to the mermaid?’
what can you decide to do today that will make you feel like you again?
decide to glow 
I’m using a GoPro to film my 100 days of surf… come on over to Facebook to check it out!


Published November 4, 2012 at 6:16 AM
About Linzi Wilson 
 Linzi Wilson is a life coach and writer. Her clients are creative entrepreneurs… passionate dreamers… kick ass women… genuine freedom seekers… independent go-getters and blue sky thinkers.  She loves to surf, practice yoga, cook super delicious food, go stand up paddle boarding, engage in random acts of kindness, and spend time with the people she loves. Website: www.helloglowcoaching.com Twitter : @Hello_Glow 

Facebook : www.facebook.com/helloglow 


YES!!!!!!!! Are you in??? Ok, in all honesty, most of us can’t surf 100 days in a row. Work, time change, family stuff ect… BUT, what if we committed to do something that treats our soul every day for a period of time, then held ourselves to it? Not to lose weight, drop our blood pressure, count calories, train, but something or somethings that we commit doing each day for our inner us?? Some of the staff here are doing a “50 Day Challenge” (which if you start today, you would finish on Christmas Day, how would that feel going into the holidays?? Awesome, right?). They are holding each other accountable to do “something” everyday for 50 days just for the pure joy of doing it! Running not for time, but for the exhilaration of getting out into the fresh air. Prone paddling not for distance, but to look through the kelp for fish.


So take a minute today, and find a way to treat your inner glow a little everyday. Even if you can only commit to 7 days, make them the best 7 days a spirit could ask for. Let us know how it’s going, and especially let us know how you are shining brighter!! If you are inclined, you can follow my challenge on instagram at the hashtag #FiftyDayChallenge . have a fantastic rest of your Tuesday, and don’t forget to vote!!!

-Tracey Engelking


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