Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: Raptor Jewelry

Good morning and happy glorious Monday!!! Hopefully everyone had a fan-freakin-tastic weekend in this Endless Summer weather??!! I can’t get enough of it… well… actually that is not true, I realllllllyyyyy want to be wearing all my cute boots and sweaters. I especially want to be wearing my “new look” that Whitney styled for me, but alas, I will just have to keep wearing my sundresses, shorts, tank tops and sandals and try and soldier through the 90 degree heat. But, if I can’t have my sweaters, I can at least have some super cutie new jewelry to go with my played out summer clothes! The perfect company to bounce me into sizzley hot fall is Raptor, and they are my Monday Morning Obsession!

**** Before we start on the Monday Morning Obsession (MMO), I should mention I am in NO way paid by the companies who are featured in MMO. I don’t get the products for free. (bust!) The owners of Hobie Surf Shops have no say in what products I feature. The buyers have no say in what products I feature; although they sometimes give me input and their thoughts on the item too. Everything shown on MMO is something I like, that we sell, that I feel like you should know about how amazing-y it is.****


I literally am in love with this jewelry line. From the fine delicate wire hoop earings with feathers and stones, to the sturdy chunky horns, Raptor is my forever new object of affection. I will cash my paycheck and drop it all on this line and just live with out electricity. Seriously, who needs lights when your fingers are adorned in stunning jewels??? Take a look at some of beauties we carry in our Hobie Shops…

get on my fingers!!!


Delicate and Hand Crafted


From Raptor…. Raptor Jewelry is a custom jewelry line that embraces eccentricity.  Each piece has a personality and a name to match! In addition to charisma, each piece carries a bit of Native American culture by means of precious stones, feathers, or leather. They’re all hand made rendering no two pair alike, so revel in the beauty and individuality of Raptor.

So unique, especially the turquoise bracelet in the left corner… need!


Come in any of our shops and see it in person, it is all so stylish, timeless, and beautiful.


-Tracey Engelking


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