Hobie Shop: Last Minute Halloween Costume!!

Ok, so you have no Halloween costume and you don’t want to feel left out, here is a way to do Halloween quick and easy!!


First: Come into our shops and scoop up a stack of these super cute and wearable all year long, skull bracelets!




Second:  Grab a tee and a pair of scissors, and make a skull tee! Our friends at Hurley put out this great how to guide below. If you are in an office environment, use a black tee to cut and wear a white tee under it, throw on a cardy on top and you are office appropriate with Halloween style! If you have a more relaxed dress code, wear a black tank under, some black skinny jeans, pin a high black bow in your hair, and finish your look with biker boots.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Everyone loves a crisp white t-shirt, but sometimes we need a little more pizazz. So that’s why when we see an oversized white tee, we see the perfect canvas for a cutout skull. Click through to see how the Perfect Solid Crew gets a little edgy.


We want your skull (in a thats-our-favorite-Misfits-song kind of way),

Hurley Girls

OK, we really like skulls around here. Inspiration from the guys in printables.


Oversized large t-shirt

Washable Sharpie

Fabric scissors

Large piece of white paper

STEP ONE: Sketch out the outline of your skull. We think the messier, the better, so don’t be afraid to get a little sloppy.

STEP TWO: Turn your shirt inside out with the back of the shirt facing up. Then put your skull outline inside.

STEP THREE: Trace your outline. We chose to do dots since sharpies tend to drag on fabric and by not having a solid line we were able to deviate from the exact outline, like we said, the messier the better — and more organic looking.

STEP FOUR: Admire your dotted skull outline.

STEP FIVE: Begin cutting by starting in the middle and snipping outward. *If you use a washable Sharpie or other washable ink you won’t have to worry about cutting on the outside of the dots as much.

STEP SIX: For the teeth we found pinching the fabric where you want the tooth and hap-hazardly cutting gave a nice result.

STEP SEVEN: Stretch out the fabric so the cuts don’t look as manufactured — much better this way.

STEP EIGHT: Voila! Or you can continue to STEP EIGHT POINT FIVE and cut off the collar and sleeves like we did. By doing this you’ll acheive a slinkier silhouette.

STEP EIGHT POINT FIVE: Cut off sleeves and and collar. Take your time with it and don’t attempt to do both layers at once. Better yet, just find your friend whose really good at this and have them do it. There always seems to be that one friend who can make the perfect tank — and if you’re that friend, then lucky you :)

STEP NINE: Pair it with some skinny jeans and messy hair and you’re good to go.


All photos and artisitc know-how: Israel Kandarian and Cheyenne Arnold at Hurley.


Third: Get your kids into our shop today and get them in on our coloring contest!!! 1st through 3rd prizes awarded at all 5 shops, so 15 winners in all!!! 1st prize is a $50 gift card, 2nd prize is a $25 gift card, and 3rd prize is a Hobie hoodie and tee!!




Fourth: Don’t forget a costume for your kitty! (If you didn’t know, every single girl that works at Hobie is a crazy for her kitty lady!!!)


Kitty Cuteness!!!!


Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeennnnnn!!!!!


-Tracey Engelking


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