Hobie Shop: Whitney’s Wear it Three Ways

The amazing Whitney Rose

Before we even get into the nitty gritty details of this blog, let me first say that Hobie Surf Shop’s have the most incredibly talented crew working with us! Not only is Whitney a preposterously skilled stylist, as you are about to see in her “Wear it Three Ways” feature, but she is also an in demand wedding designer. Seriously, she designed this look below!!!!!


Insane, right?? It makes me want to make my husband marry me all over again so I can have such lovely girly wedding day! Check out her Pinterest page of her creations by clicking here! Anyway… now that you see how talented this super lady is, you know why we tap her for all things style related!


I don’t know about the rest of you reading this, but I am a girl eternally on a budget and always trying to find new ways to wear some of my favorite pieces from the closet. However, I am style challenged. Meaning, I will look in my closet at 900 things, then wear the exact same thing I wore the day before, only a slightly altered version. So, to break me out of the style rut, I went to see Whitney and had her show me how to wear a favorite item new ways! And…. since I don’t feel I should keep the amazingness-ness of Whitney to myself, we are sharing it here in “Whitney’s Wear it Three Ways”!!

The first item up to be styled  is a duster sweater. I have a grey one that I have owned for about a hundred years. It is my go to all fall/winter long. It fits well and I LoVE it, but I have worn it the same way for years… jeans, converse, v neck t, and the duster. It looks eternally cute, but it is time for a change. So, Whitney helped me pick a NEW duster in a trendy color!!! (BTW, dusters are sizzley HOT this fall and winter!)  The Element “Harmony” sweater  is my new object of affection. I went for this mustard yellow version, which was a stretch for me to go with a new color that I have never worn, but Whitney held my hand and showed me the mustard yellow way, and now I am addicted!!! Don’t worry, if  mustard is not your best color, we have it in grey too!  Check out her looks below, a little something for everyone, and lots of pieces that you have already in your closet! Enjoy

Love the high-low hem on this babydoll from O’Neill, and the Raptor claw necklace is gorge!!! I like that it can transition from office to night out by changing up the footwear from flat boots to a darker colored wedge boot. 

The Element Harmony Duster, O’Neill Drew Dress, Olukai Kona II Boots, Raptor Necklace.

Simple style, works all day.

Up close.

This next one is my personal favorite! It uses my go to (no joke, I’m wearing them as I type) skinny jeans from Hurley, and I love the Missoni inspired scarf. I bought the whole look from head to toe… it helps me break out of my style rut, but doesn’t shock my un-chic system too fast! Side note: I should really just be paid in gift cards, I leave my whole paycheck at the shops some weeks!

Element Harmony Duster, Hurley 81 Skinny Jeans, O’Neill Desert Sky top, Missoni inspired scarf by Two’s Company, Ugg boots, and safari elephant necklace.

Classic California look.

I could live in these boots in the winter!!! They keep my feet warm and stylish while I sip Jack Daniels by the fireplace…. mmmmm… Jack Daniels…. a link so nice you should click it twice!

Not your average beach Ugg’s!

When the weekend comes and you want to look cute, but not overdone…. This is a great modern version of jeans, tee, and sneakers. 

Element Harmony duster, Roxy Skinny Slides, Movmt Jade Sneak hidden wedge, Hurley Going Going Gone tee, and glass bead bracelets.

Relax into the weekend…

DYING DYING DYING for these hidden wedge sneaks by Movmt!!! Get on my feet, Now!! They make you at least an inch and a half taller, but they look like flat tennies… perfect for those of us that can’t reach the top shelf!

Hidden wedge sneaks by Movmt!!!

Thanks to Whitney for all these choices… come on in to any of our shops and let us style you out! We can help you create all new looks built around your go to favorite piece from your closet, or better yet, help you update a favorite look in a modern way that is perfect for you!!

-Tracey Engelking


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